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Timothy Szido works for Daniel Obaztek. The son of Beta Saido sells foil

Timothy Szido works under a renamed company whose partner, among others, invented PKN leader Arlan Daniel Obajtek – OKO.Press. ERG Pure Foley handles the production and distribution of plastic bags, and the son of Beta Saido – as established by the portal – has been working there for almost 1.5 years as a sales representative.

Timothy Scyto Pais is the son of former Prime Minister Beta Saido from the first years of his rule. A few years ago he was ordained a priest and attended his first mass broadcast in the media. President Jaroslav Kokzyasky and President Andrzej Duda.

Timothy Szido left the priesthood. What is happening to the son of Beta Saido?

In September 2019, Fr. St was to begin his ministry at Szyd ஊழியo Church. Maximilian Martyr in Ovisim. Eventually, however, he did not appear in church. The diocese of Peelsko-Ivych said the priest was on vacation. The network began to rise with rumors (about the paternity of a young clergyman, which was soon denied by his lawyer).

At the end of 2019, a son Beta scido He asked his superiors to initiate the practice of exemption from priestly duties and the abolition of celibacy. In turn, his name disappeared from the website of the Diocese of Peelsko-Ivy.

However, it is not yet known what happens to Timothy. As of Wednesday, when OKO.Press released its sensational findings, it was based on information received by one of its readers. The son of a former head of government has a new job that is completely unrelated to his previous job.

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Timothy Szido works for a company in which Daniel Obajtech holds shares

This follows from the findings of the portal that Szydło Jr. is working with ERG Bieruń Folie. It is a company based in Bieruń (Śląskie Voivodeship) that manufactures and distributes plastic bags. Timothy is a sales representative there, responsible for the distribution of products. Interestingly, the shareholders of this company are the chairman of PKN Orlan Daniel Obajtek And his mother Halina.

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Timothy Scyto

OKO.Press journalists called the company. They asked about Timothy Cydia, to whom he replied that he was on vacation. When they asked if they could catch him under the number that appeared on the company’s website with Timothy and another surname, the secretary began to deviate from the previous words, “Mr. Saido did not work in the ERG purgatory” and this was a kind of mistake, because he was Timothy X (p. Who was always talking to us about “(back quotes:

The teachers also contacted the person concerned. The latter tried to convince his intermediaries that he had made a mistake and that his name was not Sjido and that he was using a family name that could be found on the Internet (which had already disappeared from the website).

Employment contract for 2019. Attorney: Asked his mother for help

On Wednesday, the authors of the portal were contacted by Magiz Saborowski, a representative of Timothy Scythia. He confirmed that his client is working under a renamed ERG Bureau Foley, but did not want to divulge personal details as he currently works as an employee.

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The lawyer also said that Timothy has been working for the company since October 2019 under the Sido employment contract. He will find a job “after shedding his hair” with the help of his mother, which will shed new light on recent reports that he has abandoned the priesthood. From this it follows that this may have happened at least 1.5 years ago.

“Beta Szido asked a few people he knew, including Daniel Obajtek. As lawyer Zaporovsky insisted, he did not want to look for work in companies he owned, but in the private sector. And his client could not expect that there would be some controversy around the company in the future” – reads OKO.Press’s article.