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Chelsea’s best performance in the Champions League! A major controversy could turn the Big Non competition

Chelsea Atletico won the first leg 1-0 against Madrid and Thomas Toussaint’s side entered the rematch with a small advantage. However, that soon changed Chelsea It would not wait for Atletico to act because Londoners rushed to the attacks. Atletico had a lot of problems with the big pendulum from the start, and the Chelsea players sent in several vertical passes, which pierced the defense of the Spanish team. They had to play with their wings, but both side midfielders played poorly and Saul made a lot of mistakes.

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Pyotr Jiliuski delighted the Italians. “What a pass. Golden Assist!”

A major controversy could change the competition

Atletico had a dangerous and highly controversial situation. In the 26th minute, Carrasco went solo with the goalkeeper and was clearly pulled by the stomach. However, the judge decided not to order a penalty kick, although the situation was analyzed by the VAR. This is a very controversial situation.

Absolute dominance of Chelsea

Chelsea took the lead in the 34th minute when their goal kick started in their own penalty area. Howard put in an excellent counter-attack, sending the left-hander to Timo Werner, who crossed the flat for Hakeem Siech, who beat John Oblock with a strong shot. A moment later it may have been 2: 0, but another shot with problems was saved by the Slovenian goalkeeper.

In the second half of the film Games Chelsea completely dominated the Madrid team that did not change and could not take the initiative. In the 57th minute, Zeche was close enough to increase the lead from 17 meters in front of goal with a beautiful shot. This was defended by John Oblock, who after a while rubbed his eyes in surprise. Atletico made more and more mistakes, and the referee sent yellow cards to Lodi, Saul Niqus, Jose Kimnes and Coca. In the 81st minute, Stephen Chavic saw a red card when he knocked Rudykar out in the penalty area.

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At stumps Chelsea came out with another deadly counter-attack, with Emerson Palmeri hitting the pitch a moment earlier to make it 2-0.

Officially! Milik will not play for England. Will idswiderski run out at Wembley?

When is the draw for the Champions League quarter-finals?

Equilibrium of quarterbacks Champions League It will take place on Friday, March 19th. The entire ceremony will begin at 12:00. Importantly, on Friday, the entire ladder will be drawn until the Champions League final.

At this point in the competition, the drawing rules known from the 1/8 finals do not apply. There are no seed teams, the country where the teams come from is not a bar. In short – anyone can hit anyone from the quarterfinals.

We already know all of LM's quarterbacks.  On the map, we see the parentheses until the endWe already know all of LM’s quarterbacks. On the map, we see the parentheses until the end