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Boris Johnson says the UK will not hesitate to remove tourist sites from the "green list" that includes Portugal

Boris Johnson says the UK will not hesitate to remove tourist sites from the “green list” that includes Portugal

A day away from announcing which countries are entering, leaving or staying in Britain’s “green list” that British tourists do not need to return forty as the risk of Covit-19 infection is low, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned he will not come to half action.

“I want you to know that we will not hesitate to make changes and move countries from green to red list if we need to.” Many British media outlets have cited the need to maintain “wisdom” even as the government wants “people to be able to travel.” “Vaccination is a priority to protect the British people.”

Portugal has been added to the so-called “green list” on May 7, with British tourists traveling to the country without the need for isolation when they return on the 17th of last month. Other countries were simultaneously added to the list, such as Israel, Gibraltar, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and the Falkland Islands. In Europe, for example, France, Greece and Italy withdrew.

The list will be updated every three weeks and further revision is expected this Thursday. Despite the warning, Boris Johnson said so far epidemiological information has not indicated the need to go back to the cleansing measures in place in the country.

According to the British media, some Greek islands are expected to be added to the “green list”, as well as Malta, Finland, Antigua (an island in the Caribbean) and Grenada. At the same time, it is feared that some Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia could be added to the “red list”, a country that should be isolated for ten days when British tourists return. Parents.

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Although epidemiological reports did not raise the alarm, on the contrary, many British experts called on the government to delay the lifting of full-scale restrictions, which are believed to be contagious due to the widespread spread of the virus, and the first time it has been detected in India. Recently, the British Health Care Agency said this variant already dominates some parts of the UK.