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Another actor in “The World Accordingly Kibsky” has died. Stanislaw Wolski is 72 years old

Stanislav Wolski was not only an actor, but also the director of many shows, a songwriter and the creator of events. Founder of the alternative theater “Theater 70” and co-founder of “Crawl Marion” Corporate.

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From 1974 to 1992, he was an actor at the Kalampur Theater in Wroclaw. Edwin Film and Dieter Kalampur shared information about his death on Facebook.

Stanislaw Wolski is dead. He is 72 years old

“On February 25, 2021, our wonderful actor passed away and, above all, a best friend, a happy man, a headliner, always kind, brings us happiness, ensures a smile and peace. Stas, how do you ‘shudder’ in heaven? See you soon! (Actor and cultural animator, author of songs, street performances and events, co-founder of Alternative Theater “Theater 70”, co-founder of “Crawl Marion” Corporate, Kalampur Theater in Rogo (1974-82) “- they wrote.

Stanislav Wolski also bid farewell to the Kalampur Theater by writing on Facebook:

“We talked yesterday evening. We had an appointment on the phone today, and finally, maybe somewhere in the park … As usual, he was humorous and had ideas and plans. We learned this morning that he would no longer carry them. Stasio Wolski left us this morning. We do not know what more can be written at this time. No words, we will not cut him! “- They added.

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Many comments from the actor’s fans appeared under the entries, expressing condolences to his loved ones.

Such a sad news, I loved Mr. Stoss so much “,” A wonderful actor, let him rest in peace “,” I could not believe it, always very happy “,” Condolences to my loved ones, very sad “ – These are some of the entries under the posts.

Audiences can connect with the actor from the series “The World Keeps Kitsch Touch”. Let us remind you that the cult actor of this production, Marion Badziog, or Rissord Kodis, died so long ago.

The rest of the article can be seen under the video:

A few minutes ago, the media reported that he was dead Darius Knodowski, who played Arnold Bosek from the beginning. So far, Botan Smolek, who played the postmaster Edgia, and Christina Feldman, who played Fertek Kipsky’s mother – in – law, have also said goodbye to the series.

We extend our condolences to the family and relatives of the actor. We will update you.

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