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National Reconstruction Program.  Moraweki provided five pillars

National Reconstruction Program. Moraweki provided five pillars

  • The National Reconstruction Program is a document required to benefit from the EU Reconstruction Fund in the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • Today, general consultations on the project begin, which are expected to last until April 2nd
  • Moraweki proposed five pillars based on investment: economic performance enhancement, digitalisation, healthcare, transportation support, energy change
  • Investments such as the Federal Communications Department or the Vistula Speed ​​Trench also benefit from KPO support, he said.
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– We have some important weeks ahead of us in the fight against the epidemic. Probably soon, in a few months, when the vaccination program is fully operational, we will address the economic challenges that Europe will not face for long. Matthews Moraviski.

The Prime Minister said investments should be based on basic pillars. – The first pillar should be based on the performance of the Polish economy – he said. – Thanks to the work of the poles will be as effective as possible, and they will earn better and invest in the Polish economy – said. – Already in this one area, the first part of the National Reconstruction Program is part of a larger investment plan that will reach hundreds of billions of slots, with an allocation of approximately PLN20 billion in a very short period of time –

The second pillar is digitalization – The Prime Minister continued. “We are well aware that being supported by the mechanisms of the digital economy can lead to recessions such as COVID-19,” he said.

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The third pillar is the “struggle for the most effective health sector.”. Approximately PLN 20 billion will be allocated from KPO for this purpose.

The fourth “mobile, intelligent Poland” – Support for low emissions public transport, intercity transport, railway support. – This is also very important today in terms of growth investments. Here we will allocate about Rs 25 billion to PLN from the National Reconstruction Program – said the Prime Minister.

The fifth pillar is energy transfer. – It’s all over Energy change Under the collective agreement, the National Reconstruction Program and the National Fund, we will allocate more than PLN 250 billion. These are additional funds that have been negotiated and allocated from various projects – said the head of government. – These investments in the green economy will help create Polish competitiveness and the competitiveness of many Polish industries – said.

Moraweki stressed that the government wants to rebuild the financial system, the tax system, invest in the education of children and youth, and invest in digital Poland as part of the National Reconstruction Program.

– Firstly, with the support of the National Reconstruction Program, we would like to propose several major investment projects – he stressed. These should be big investments like the Federal Communications Department or the Vistula Speed ​​Groove, but they should be big investments because they “reach all communes and all districts”.

– What is the trademark of the United Right-wing government, that is, sustainable development, we will continue to develop creatively within the framework of the new European order – said Moravsky.

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– We are open to all kinds of suggestions, we are open to some changes, here is some good news. Not all apply to the National Reconstruction Program, not all within a combination of EU programs and structural funds. But for this we are developing a comprehensive plan under the new social agreement in which Poland will be the new treaty in many places, in many sectors, in the micro economy and in the larger economic dimension. Domestic funds will be available under the new agreement with Poland, the head of government said.

Moraveki stressed, “The National Reconstruction Plan, which we present to you for consultation today, is one of the most important pillars of our larger economic plan, which will be revealed to you soon in the next stages.”

Consultations on the National Reconstruction Program are starting today. It is a document that is the basis for obtaining funding from the EU Tool for Reconstruction and Increasing Recession. It refers to the allocation of funds for specific reforms, projects and investments.

The plan includes obligations to implement reforms and related investments, for example, providing access to broadband Internet, in addition to the road network, increasing business innovation and reducing carbon footprint.

As part of the EU Reconstruction Fund, Poland will have 57 57 billion in its possession. The basic national reconstruction plan to achieve these funds is to be prepared by each member state.

The preparation of the plan is coordinated by the Ministry of Finance and Regional Policy (MFiPR).

Public consultations on the project will run until April 2.

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