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Tadeusz Cymański has a cancer. I am very afraid of suffering – he insisted

  • Thanks to early detection during preventive tests, it is likely to end well – he said in an interview with Rzeczpospolita
  • When asked about his well-being, Symansky replied, “He is a believer.”
  • I do not want to show it, but if you ask, I will answer. Maybe someone will read it and understand that it is worth researching, if nothing hurts, it does not mean that nothing eats us from the inside – said the politician
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Simaski said in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita” – “Plus minus” on Saturday about his health problems. As he noted, during preventive tests, he was diagnosed with a tumor.

– I got cancer – GIST. It is a sarcoma, not very aggressive, which rarely metastases. Thanks to the early detection during preventive tests, it is likely to end well – he said in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

When asked about his well-being, Simaski responded that he had a positive attitude and began to become more aware of the disease. He emphasizes that thanks to routine tests, neoplastic changes can be detected at an early stage.

Simaski: I’m optimistic

The politician said that despite the difficult situation, he did not try to lose his positive attitude and was more confident of the action to come. – I’m optimistic. In health service rich, well-organized countries, there is large-scale screening, which is why fewer people die there. Poland has the highest cancer mortality rate. I’m waiting for surgery, let’s see what happens next – said.

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The MP from United Wright, in an interview with Rsexpospolita, said he felt better and was waiting for surgery, but there was no set date yet.

Thaddeus Simaski was asked about the first reaction to the diagnosis. – I am 66 years old, I have been healthy all my life, suddenly something like this. Govt has opened the eyes of many, not just me. People now talk differently about life, suffering and death, and they feel differently. So suddenly many of those closest to us passed away. It is the moment when a person reflects on his life. For a young person such a diagnosis may be different. I accepted it a little quietly, but nervously, I wouldn’t act like a dude. Who is not afraid? He replied.

Life balance of Tadeusz Cymański. “I want to live a little longer”

– My doctor tells me that I will live, and if everything goes well, I should get tested once every six months. I want to do something for others. I want to live a little more – says Simaski.

When asked about the balance of his life, he replied that he was inspired by his grandfather in this matter, adding that “he can die quietly because he never tramples anyone.” Solidarity Polish politician identifies himself with this approach. – Maybe that’s why I can face anyone, even a political opponent. I rarely raise aggression among my political rivals. A taxi driver once told me that his family is against the current government and that they do not like my party, but they like me because I said “I will never destroy anyone”.

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In the interview for “Rzeczpospolita”, the issue of cancer was also raised, which is still spoken of with a certain degree of humiliation as a disease. The politician noted this and said that although he had observed the incident in Poland, he himself found no reason to hide anything. – I do not want to show it, but if you ask, I will answer. Maybe someone will read it and understand that it is tempting, just because nothing hurts, does not mean that nothing eats us from the inside out. Preventive choices are essential! – Emphasizes Cymasky.

– We have many excellent doctors who are very dedicated to patients. You need to take care of your lifestyle – rest, healthy eating, exercise and reducing drugs, preferably eliminating them completely. I say again, it is worth checking out. We are not afraid to go to the doctor – appealed to the politician.

Who is Thaddeus Cymasky?

The 65-year-old politician is one of the founders and leaders of the conservative party Solidarna Polka, founded in 2012. He was a member of the Central Agreement from 1990-1998 and then until 2001 he was a member of the Conservative-People’s Party. From 2001-2002 he was active in the Right Alliance, where he was the leader of the party in the Pomeranian Voidoship. He was a member of the Law and Justice in 2002–2011.

Personally, Tadeusz Cymański is interested in chess. This is the first chess type. In 2003, he defeated world champion Anatoly Carpo from 1975-1985 in a simulation. He was named “Personality of the Year 2005” in a Radio Gdańsk poll.

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Source: Rzeczpospolita