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Monica Jamachovska meditates in the piano hole of the Sipsek …

Wedding Monica and Zibiknu JamachovskyAlthough it is still going on systematically, now it is becoming history. The actor went to a makeshift suit located a few hundred meters from his own “cubicle in கoliborz” old apartment. Apparently, it was cold in the previous relationship, and it still made Zbyszek’s heart beat faster in the eyes of a friend from & nbspteater, Gabriel Muskasi. So by the day he announced to Monica from & nbspdnia it was over between them.

Zbigniew ZamachowskiSuitable for an artist and a press artist, he picked up his piano as he moved. The moving company had to squeeze the tool on the first floor of a pre-war apartment, where GPC’s new apartment is now located.

I do not know how he arranged himself in a small dress, but Monica There is no harm in the famous “cubicle”. She showed fans a new photo of her husband knitting.

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At the special request of Internet users: “This is the place behind the piano” … – & nbsps Monica wrote, probably starting a small festival of insult to Jamachowski. The journalist dedicates himself to yoga and uses the breath to relax after the stresses of enrichment and private life.


The journalist said he planned to go to church with Shivkong.

Do you think Zbyszek will join? A & nbsp can practice the piano …