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Box. Robert Bersakyuski defeated Nicola Clovir’s Fasundo

In the evening bout of MB Boxing 9 at Szklarska Poręba, Robert Bursakzewski defeated Nicola Clovir Fasundo. The Pole won unanimously over the points.

For Borzakovsky it came back after the defeat. In September 2020, he unexpectedly lost to Scorsese Susanov.

The beginning will change. Porschevsky seemed to have already forgotten the defeat. He was relaxed and he gave a lot of blows. Although the competitor was also active, the Pole blocked his aspirations with a good left straight.

Bursakzewski was faster than Argentina. However, a few feet reached his jaw. However, these blows are not strong enough to pose problems for the pole.

Clower struggled with ambition. He responded with precise blows to the actions of a resident of Czestochowa. In the sixth round, Barzeksevsky’s blows shocked Argentina. The latter, however, did not tire, and proceeded boldly.

Parzęczewski controlled the fight until the end. After eight rounds he confidently won by points. Two of the three judges hit all rounds in favor of the pole.


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