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Robin Ribeiro: "I was attacked at my alcochet job."

Robin Ribeiro: “I was attacked at my alcochet job.”

At 33 years old and after a great season in Turkey, with Hatayspor, Rben Ribeiro is charging his energies in Portugal and looking with a boy’s ambition to the next season. He doesn’t know where he will play, but he intends to fight for the titles and continue to feel happy on the field. With the ball, the usual buddy.

In this part of the great interview with MoreRben goes back to the dark days of Alcochete’s conquest and details what the family had suffered, right up to the day he decided to end the contract with Sporting. Strong and passionate testimony, three years after the terrible day he lived at Lyonin Academy.

part two: “I won in court and I have nothing to pay for Sporting”

part One: “I spent the Club World Cup crying for not being able to play.”

the third part: “I spoke with President Vieira on the day I signed up for Sporting.”

Maisfutebol – Sporting’s locker room is starting to freak out that something bad will happen in Alcochete?

Robin Ribeiro- We felt something could happen, yeah. Almost every week there was a bad episode with a bunch of fans. My fault. Even the group’s conversations with the president were poor. We had no peace. We knew it wasn’t going well, but no one would have guessed that something serious was going to happen. But it happened. I remember talking in the locker room about a message circulating and saying that fans have our addresses and license plates for our cars.

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Mp – Was Robin your family with you?

RR – Yeah, because I thought I’d stay there a few times. That was the idea. We lived in Montego, door to door with Bruno Fernandez. We always went to train together. Bruno is really one of those good guys, brother I won in soccer. I am very happy with what he’s going through, he is an example for a player and a friend. He deserved to be a champion in Sporting. I’ve already said he might come to fight for the Ballon d’Or and I keep the idea.

Mp – Were you attacked in the Alkochet Invasion?

RR – Yes, it did. One of the invaders clicked on me. He was not a little boy. We were equipped for training. I remember putting on my shoes and starting to hear screaming. My family went through horrors. My wife began to imagine that she was being pursued. We still have to go and play in the Portuguese Cup Final. Some wanted to play, some didn’t, and some wanted to leave immediately. We trained once in Jamor and played.

MV – When did you decide to go ahead with termination for a good reason?

RR- I spoke to my family first, and we decided that there were no security conditions for us in Lisbon. For what was happening and what could happen. My kids were threatened in high school. Was the limit. I felt there were no conditions. I’m so sorry I wanted to continue. If I get a coach with Robin Amorim, I can still be in Sporting. Young, ambitious, intelligent, who appreciates his players and puts the team into play as he pleases. This sport has nothing to do with the sport I have met. I was attacked at my job. There is no money to pay for the awe I saw in the eyes of my family. I refused FC Porto and Benfica from Sporting, then had to go back to zero. To spend six months in Dubai without being able to play.

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MF – Never had a chance in the national team.

RR – I did not have it. My biggest focus was on joining a great team. Once I got there, I had to play and give up. did not happen. At this distance, I think if I had stayed at Rio Ave until summer 2018, and played while I was playing, I would have needed a call from the national team myself. [para o Mundial da Rússia]. I have never been to the national teams, not even the Porto region team. Who among us does not want to go to the European Cup and the World Cup? did not happen.

Michel Foucault- At the age of 33, what does Robin still expect in football?

RR – I want to be healthy, not getting injured and representing clubs that fight for titles. I had an amazing year in Turkey, and I was one of the tournament’s best midfielders. Kostina and Bruno Fernandez have inspired me so much, and they are both great references for me. 6 and 8. I had never thought about those situations, but the coach asked me and I understood the team’s moment. I helped get help. I’m still hungry for the game and the ball. This position should be so. We always strive for a high ranking. I found my year in the Turkish league very interesting, it exceeded my expectations. We beat Galatasaray and scored a goal, these matches motivate me a lot. I treat myself well, take good care of my body, rest and eat, so I can play for a few more years at a good level.