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Iran designates a suspected nuclear attack on the country

Iran designates a suspected nuclear attack on the country

And state television indicated that the suspect, Reda Karimi, is 43 years old and that he had already fled the country.

Television pictures showed a passport-style picture of the man, saying he was born in the neighboring city of Kashan, Iran, but the news did not explain in detail how the suspect had gained access to one of the country’s safest facilities.

The television also showed what appeared to be a “red warning” to the international police demanding the arrest of the suspect. This arrest notice was not yet available in INTERPOL’s public database.

Interpol, based in Lyon, France, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the case.

The TV report said that “necessary measures” are underway to return Karimi to Iran through legal channels, without giving further details.

The alleged “red warning” of INTERPOL listed his travel history, including Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Ethiopia, Qatar, Turkey, Uganda, Romania and another country that was not legible in the broadcast.

Although the extent of the damage caused by the April 11 attack remains unclear, it occurred at a time when Iran was trying to negotiate with world powers on the United States’ return to the nuclear deal – which it abandoned in 2018 – and the latter is suspending economic sanctions imposed on it. . Iran.

In response to the sanctions, Iran has already begun enriching uranium to a purity of 60%, three times more than before, albeit in small quantities.

Iran insists its nuclear program is peaceful, although the West and the International Atomic Energy Agency say Tehran has an organized military nuclear program by the end of 2003.

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An annual US intelligence service report released on Tuesday endorsed the US assessment that Iran is not currently trying to build a nuclear bomb.

Iran has said it may use up to 60 percent of the enriched uranium for nuclear powered ships. However, the Islamic Republic does not currently have such ships in its naval fleet.

The attack on Natanz was initially described only as a problem with the electricity grid, but later Iranian authorities began to describe it as an attack.

An Iranian official noted that “several thousand centrifuges were damaged and destroyed” in an interview with state television. However, no other official has confirmed this number and no photo of the damages has been released.

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