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SpaceX won a billionaire contract with NASA to send humans to the moon

The Moon was one of the first and most symbolic space invasions, but it now appears that companies are focusing heavily on Mars once its potential is discovered. However, the moon has not forgotten Artemis program NASA has another new partnership. SpaceX won a billionaire contract with NASA.

The space exploration company won a $ 2.9 billion contract from NASA to send humans to the moon.

SpaceX has allied with NASA to conquer the moon

If holidays on Earth seem boring to you, Elon Musk wants to equip you with Season on Mars. On the other hand, NASA has opened the opportunity to send humans to the moon and they will be transported to Earth by SpaceX.

The space exploration company remained at the top Blue originBy Jeff Bezos and da Dynetics Inc., And winning a $ 2.9 billion contract for NASA Send astronauts For our natural satellite.

This money will go to building a spacecraft capable of carrying humans onto the surface of the Moon. According to NASA official Lisa Watson Morgan, SpaceX will have to complete a test flight to check all systems, including the moon landing. The roof, before the official demonstration.

We should do the next landing as soon as possible. This is a great time to take part in the human exploration of all of humanity.

Steve Jurchick, NASA's interim director, said at a videoconference.


Elon Musk wants Infinity and Beyond

Although it does not hide the desire to send humans to Mars, in order to create a real civilization, at the moment, SpaceX has been used to strengthen the Starlink satellite system, as well as other space systems.

As we can see, this was not an easy and hassle-free process. Additionally, the prototype for Dish spacecraft special She was under cover of trouble, and more than once she even exploded. However, these setbacks do not appear to shake the company, Elon Musk, or even its investors.

Therefore, it seems that SpaceX's upcoming project is clear and does not involve Mars, but rather the Moon, and for sure, landing on the moon with humans would represent another giant leap for humanity.

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