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Hungary – Poland: Composition. The position of the poles is expected for the introduction of Sausage

Hungary – Poland: Expected combination. Paulo Sousa makes his debut as the coach of the Polish national football team for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers with Hungary. The Portuguese want to set the team up 3-5-2 in the first game. In the starting line we will see a rookie – Kamil Pistkovsky from Rakov Chestochova.

  • Hungary – Poland open the qualifying rounds of the 2022 World Cup and make their debut as white and red coach Paulo Sousa
  • The Portuguese plan to change this order from 4-3-3- or 4-5-1 to 3-5-2
  • Check out the expected lineup for the Hungary-Poland match in Budapest

Hungary – Poland Tournament It will take place on Thursday, March 25, at the Puskas Arena in Budapest. It will be a premier meeting for both teams World Cup Elimination 2022, And not much known to our staff due to the change in manager’s position – in January Jersey Press Changed Palo saous saHe will play for points as soon as he makes his debut. In this representative window, the Polish team will play against Andorra And when exiting England.

After signing the contract with the Portuguese, you can be sure that he will try to establish a new organization among our soldiers – 3-5-2Not 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 as before. He talked a lot about tactics and game structure, while at the same time promising that you should be flexible and not attach your position to the pitch.

Hungary – Poland: Will Poland play 3-5-2?

– Tactical issues are important, but not the most important. Sports systems are mixed, and all of my teams are about managing the playing field in the best possible way and approaching each opponent in the right way – said Sousa. He added that there is not much time for training and it is not optimal to introduce new solutions.

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However, everything indicates that the Portuguese will be backed by his favorite position in the first game with two swingers with three central defenders. This is what the Bolshoi sports journalist says Markin Fedek, Which provided the expected sequence for the Hungarian-Polish game.

Hungary – Poland: Expected order for L-. World Cup 2022

Paulo Sousa had previously revealed that he was betting Wojciech Skozny. They must act for safety John Bednarek, Kamil Click And – perhaps the biggest surprise – Rakov made his debut for the 20-year-old defender from Czestochowa Kamil Pistkovsky. – The selector is happy with him – says Fedek.

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Robert Lewandowski

The biggest unknowns are in the middle lane. He will act as a defensive midfielder Grosscourse KryzhoviakOn the backs of two strikers, Robert Lewandowski I Arcadius MilicRunning Pyotr Jiliaski, Which should play a role similar to that of Napoleon – to be freed from greater freedom and defensive missions. The pendulum and locomotive must be filled by the Moscow player’s partner.

They are a little closer to the show Bardos Pereschiaski, Arcadius Recca I Jacob Motor. Initially, he had better ratings than Brighton midfielder Matthews ClichBut his trip to Budapest was rejected by the corona virus. On both sides, there are rivals for the players of Sampteria and Crotone Magij Ribus And Kamil Crosiki.

Poland – Expected lineup for the Hungarian game

Wojciech Szcosny – John Bednarek, Kamil Klik, Kamil Bistkovsky – Arcadius Recca (McKeez Rybus), Crescors Kryzhovyak, Matthews Klich (Jakub Motork), Kamil Juviq (Kamil Rapt)

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Hungary – Live broadcast of the Polish match Thursday, March 25 at 8:45 pm.