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North Korea is testing ballistic missiles. America’s answer

As KCNA writes, the new weapon is based on existing technology, which has been upgraded to carry a 2.5-ton warship. “The development of this armed system is very important to strengthen our country’s military power and to contain all kinds of military threats,” said Ri Pyong Sol, who oversaw the test.

Images released by state media in North Korea showed a black and white missile fired from a military missile vehicle. According to KCNA, two such missiles hit the target at a distance of 600 km.

This is the second Pyongyang ballistic missile test in a week. Over the weekend, North Korea launched two short-range missiles. The missiles were fired shortly after the North Korean government announced it would not hold talks with US officials, despite signals from the presidential administration. Joe Fiden Wants to communicate.

North Korean missile tests. The position of the United States

Earlier on Thursday, US President Joe Biden said the United States was still open to diplomacy with North Korea despite a missile test. However, he warned that there would be a backlash from Washington if Pyongyang continued to test its weapons.

In turn Stanu USA Department He condemned North Korea’s efforts, saying the country’s nuclear and ballistic programs posed a serious threat to international peace and security. “The United States condemns the destabilization of ballistic missiles,” the State Department said in a statement.

These efforts have led to a number of UN. The report added that violating Security Council resolutions endangered the region and the wider international community. It also stressed that the US involvement in the defense of South Korea and Japan was “an iron rule.”

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Nuclear talks between the United States and North Korea have stalled since the summit failed with the participation of then-US President Donald Trump. Short And DBRK leaders Kim Jong Un in February 2019.

After taking office as US President, Joe Biden ordered a detailed study of US policy against the North Korean regime to identify all possible options for confronting the growing threat of North Korea.

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