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However, Lewandowski with silver! Ingbreaktson was disqualified and later supported the opposition! Athletes

During the men’s 1,500-meter dash at the European Indoor Championships in Torres, competitors ran in the following order: Jacob Ingrikitson, Markin Lewandowski And Jesus Gomez. No surprise, because Norway is the favorite, and the Pole showed his best side anyway, fighting to the end to overtake him in front of the finish line. However, after a moment, he may have smiled more widely.

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Ingbriktson’s disqualification and Lewandowski’s temporary pleasure

At the start of the race Ingbrixon crosses its path line as it runs near the sprint path Ineligible. The Norwegians officially protested, although the organizers had no doubt that the recordings shown on the official television broadcast would make the contestant wrong. However, Ingripson has to say that she was pushed out. The appeal was accepted within a few dozen minutes of the match and Norway was awarded the gold medal.

So, when he won with Inzibriktson from Glasgow two years ago, Marcin Lewandowski would not defend the title of indoor world champion. If opposition had not been considered, the pole would have won gold in the fourth hall European Championship In a row!

Wity-Erseti with Polish record already in HME final already held in Torre! He scared the hell out of gold!

Lewandowski after Ingbriktson’s disqualification: The title would have been different if I had come to the finish line first

– I’m very happy, but this medal would have been different if I had hit the finish line first. On the other hand, it does not reduce this topic because the rules apply to everyone. I may have been disqualified or another competitor. I know the taste of failure by disqualification, probably even worse, because I miss a medal World Championship – Says Lewandowski, when he was awarded the gold medal.

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The first dayThe Poles begin to fight for medals at HME! Majewski appreciates our opportunities

The pole was delighted with the style he presented during Friday’s competition in Torres. – From the beginning, I have been running strong and ambitious since Ingrift. Initially, when he attacked and ran a few meters away, I thought I would go and focus on the fight for second place. This idiot was really strong, I had such an intention, but a quick “flash” in my head and I came here, fighting for success, remembering not getting second place. I followed Ingbridge, I was getting closer to him, thinking I could still overtake him at the tip, but I was a little less into it. But the cell is one of the best in the world. This year he had a few seconds to break the world record. As it turns out, he’s very strong, and with that he will lose on the treadmill, which is not a shame – the pole pointed out.

Two accidents in the beginningTwo defeats at the start of the European Indoor Championship. Kardas did not use extra effort

Another start by Lewandowski. “It will be very difficult to get a medal”

During the HME in Lewandowski, Torres, one more start awaits – Sunday’s 3000m run. However, it will be very difficult for him to succeed in it. – I have to start with the fact that I do not have much time to relax. Since qualifying is already Saturday morning, it will not be easy. But I set myself a goal and path to fulfill my dreams. To feel them. Getting a medal can be very difficult, but now I can run this level and earn money. This is how you approach Sunday’s race – says Markin Lewandowski. The final of the 3000-meter race on Sunday is scheduled for 17:52.

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