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Ski jumping. World Cup Oberstorp. Małysz: We need to explain the behavior of the poles

After the big mountain race at Oberstarp, the internet was in turmoil. Fans began to write about Pyotr Isle, who was reportedly injured. Adam Massis responded harshly. – This is often very unpleasant – commented on some behavior of Polish fans.

Shia finished fourth in Friday’s match. Podium space was lost by three points. In the second round, he showed the longest tab of the day at 137 meters, but in this test he scored 17.8 points.

Jumper and he and the other members of the Polish team approached the whole thing quietly without looking for a thing. However, in fan entries, the words “combinations, scams or manipulation” immediately appeared.

When asked about the whole thing, Adam Massis responded harshly.

– We live it because it is our national sport other than football and volleyball – he said.

– But the behavior of the fans is often very sad. On the one hand, we love the fact that the fans love us and are behind us, on the other hand, it sometimes transcends common sense. We have to explain ourselves sometimes. It’s not easy – stressed our former best jumper, now director of the Polish Ski Association.

– The fans are behaving very strongly – said Mays. – We know what happened to a journalist who called Piotrek Schia a clown – recalled a recent article about a pole in one of the German newspapers.

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A German journalist who used the word “clown” when writing about the Isle did not need to offend the jumper and was treated harshly by Polish internet users. Is that correct?

– Everyone has the right to express their opinion. This has nothing to do with me – ஸ்டyła told us on Obstart.

– I like being. I want to feel the emotions, I can fight, I enjoy the fact that I can be here – he responded quickly.

From Oberstdorf Waldemar Stelmach