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A murderous fight and a big tiebreak by Hubert Harcaux. There is a drill in Miami! Tennis

After being ranked 11th in the world rankings by Denise Shapolo, Hurgas was ranked 19th along with his teammate Milos Ronnick. However, this did not reflect the Canadian’s ability to become the third tennis player in the world and the Wimbledon finalist in his best season. Ronnick was the favorite in the confrontation with Hurgas.

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The reaction of Iga Świ இன்tek is dangerous. “We remembered he was 19 years old.”

Beautiful fight of Hurkas

The Polish tennis player started the match brilliantly as he won by seven points in a row. But when he faced three chances to break Ravonia, Did not lose his service even once in the first matches in Miami, something got stuck. The pole is not only helpless in the face Games Among the Canadians in his service (he consistently lost 14 points from this position), but after a while he easily lost his own resume as well. The break became decisive throughout the game as Hargas had five chances for a break in the first set, but he did not use any of them and lost 4: 6.

In the second set the pole itself had the initiative. Until the end of the meeting, he was never defeated by his opponent, for which he was taking advantage of Ranika’s obvious physical problems. He only used the eighth break point of the match, but he did so at a crucial moment, breaking for 4: 2. In a game in which both tennis players worked very well, they would often finish the ball after one or two wins in service, winning the second game 6: 3.

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The tennis player stumbled, but he won! “I don’t want to fall because I can’t get up anymore”

An excellent pole on the tie brake

The decisive set started with a missed opportunity Hurgas To beat a competitor in the first game. First and last chance – Runick responded with a ticket, and since then both tennis players have won their pass with great confidence, resulting in a tie-break, which determined the winner of the entire match. Hurgas started right on it – winning a point twice in a competitor’s service, without losing his service. The effect? 6: 1 and five match balls. The pole used only a quarter of them with a good deed, but it was not large. He won 7: 4.

Hubert Harrocks advanced to the quarterfinals of the prestigious ATP Championship in Miami, defeating Milos Ranica 4: 6, 6: 3, 7: 6. The quarterfinals will take place on Thursday, and his rival will win the Greek tournament Stefanosa chitsipasa (ATP 5.) with Italian Lorenzo Soneko (ATP 34.), which will take place on Tuesday night in Polish time.