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Hood: Outlaws & Legends – New trailer highlighting post-launch content

Hood’s Many Plans: Outlaws and Myths

He is scheduled to be released on May 7 Focus on the interactive home page Introduces a new trailer for Hood: Outlaws and MythsHe announces his plans for the first year of the game, called Season 0, in which all its content will be free for all players.

New characters, game modes, and a new map will be divided into 4 seasons, which will also feature community events, cosmetics, and more. It is worth noting that whoever chooses the premium version of the game will receive additional cosmetic content. Nothing can give any kind of advantage in battles.

Under the yoke of an authoritarian and out of control government, the rebels and rebels struggle to win their place among the myths. To gain influence among the oppressed, rival gangs compete to launch daring attacks to target the vulnerable wealthy. The hero of people or thieves who are always looking for gold, only the best ones escape with wealth. Two teams of 4 players compete to perform the perfect attack, in medieval environments guarded by deadly computer-controlled sentries. With the unique and mystical abilities of each character, you can steal treasures discreetly and without your vision or control brutal and chaotic battles.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is now available Microsoft Store At 159.95 BRL.

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