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The Ball - Pedro Porro was the brainchild of Mateus (Sporting)

The Ball – Pedro Porro was the brainchild of Mateus (Sporting)

The story of Sporting’s decisive goal the day before yesterday in Braga (1-0) can be told in a number of ways that will always have the same result: the ball is at the bottom of the net that left the Lyon fans ecstatic and allowed the Lions to go. Back to victories.

What is seen in 81 ‘With the match emotions in full swing, Boro was watching Matthews Nunes wipe himself on the right, serving him for the only goal in Pedrera, surprising all his eyes were already in the Minho area. A tall cross asks for a happy shot or interception, depending on perspective. Before Artur Soares Dias’s whistle, which gave the green light to the free kick, attention was focused on the goalkeeper’s jurisdiction, where anyone could divert the long pass to the goal, and this is indisputable. Hence, a majority liked the lab move we witnessed as well.

Between one thing and another, a detail: The right-back was not the one who read the midfielder’s move very well, but he was, with a look, directing the number 8 shirt into the blank space and choosing him as the hero of his project. ..

Remember the goal:

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