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Disabling. We will spend Easter at home. The Minister of Health does not have a good prognosis

Locking in at Easter. Health Minister Adam Nidzeilsky insists there has been no official government announcement yet, but at the same time there is no illusion about the restrictions. In the broadcast, Radio warned that ZET’s guest would be invited to spend the holidays at home.

Disabling Has been going on for over a year. We had to spend the Easter 2020 at home. Will it be the same this year?

Health Minister Adam Nietzsche spoke on the development of Radio ZET’s guest program Koronawirusa And the need to tighten controls: – We have a huge acceleration in the development of the epidemic. On Sunday, the dynamics of the epidemic rose to 75 proc. If this situation continues, the next results will apply to the entire country Said the Minister.

Locking in at Easter

How do we spend Easter? On Monday (March 15), Minister Adam Nidzeilsky Fr. Stay at homeFrom the holidays.

The Health Minister further said: – We plan to announce this week the way to regulate the restrictions to cover the holiday season. Such a decision will be made around Wednesday or Thursday. However, there is no good forecast – The head of the Ministry of Health insisted.

Restrictions on the Easter holidays

The Minister of Health requested that the Easter house be spent in a small group. Ultimately, it all depends on the increase in disease rates and the progress of the immunization program. However, the head of the Ministry of Health did not believe in the holiday trip: – Do not let us down for the next 2.5 weeks The situation could greatly improve – He summed up.

The Minister of Health announced that the final results will be officially announced on Wednesday or Thursday (March 17-18, 2021).