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Barcelona – Husca. Plugrana won and scored beautiful goals. Conclusion and relationship. La Liga

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There was only one favorite for this game. FC Barcelona were to have a quiet and high-scoring victory, which would reduce losses to Atletico Madrid. SD Huska, who has scored just 20 points this season, is the red light of the league. Monday’s game is also of exceptional value for Leo Messi, who played in his 767th game for Barcelona. Argentina equaled the record of another club legend.

Leo Messi soon crowned his performance with a resounding success. In the 13th minute, Argentina hit their style from a distance and the ball bounced off the crossbar and into the goal. Barcelona captain’s signature strike. The hosts had a huge advantage, and defensive Huska decided on single trips. In the 26th minute, Pablo Mafio moved forward, fell into the penalty area of ​​Plugrana, and Marc-Andre der Stegen deflected his flat shot with the tips of his fingers.

Barcelona are not going to stop. Jordi Alba approached the goal and attacked the post. In the 35th minute, Antoine Griezmann envied Messi and entered the scorer. The Frenchman – from a distance – defeated his rivals’ goalkeeper with a beautiful blow. Just before the break, Frankie de Zhang attacked the bar. Finally, Husca came out again with a counter. Der Stegen recklessly defrauded Rafael Mirai in his own penalty area. The injured man approached the ball himself and minimized the losses. Barcelona coach Ronald Coman, who comes to the dressing room, was furious with the referee for ordering “eleven”.

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After the break, the Catalan Duma players followed suit. Leo Messi left and Oscar Mingueza went back to Barcelona with a two-goal lead. In return, the Husky players had a better chance to score another goal. In the 57th minute, Mir had to throw the ball half a meter into the net with his head. He hit … his shoulder and missed dangerously. The hosts quietly controlled the game and handled some of the Husky players’ attacks. Finally, Leo Messi re-entered the sniper list, again with an accurate shot from a distance. Argentina did a great job in its 767th appearance for Barcelona.

FC Barcelona added three points to their tally. Thanks to this, he advanced to second place in the La Liga. Madrid are just four points behind Atletico. This will be a big fight at the end of the league. SD Huska was the last team.

FC Barcelona – SD Hosca 4: 1 (2: 1)

Goals: Messi (13, 90), Griezmann (35), Minguseca (53) – Mir (45 + 2 – RSK)

Yellow cards: Eskrich, Insua

Barcelona: Mark-Andre der Stegen – Oscar Mingusa, Frankie de Jong (63. Ronald Arroyo), Clement Lenglet, Sergino Test (69. Ilix Moriba), Sergio Baskets, Petrie (85. Ricard Buick), Jordi Alba (85) . Martin Brightwhite), Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann (69. Trincove)

Husqvarna: Alvaro Fernandez – Pablo Mafio (78 Point Lopez), Jorge Pulito, Dimitrios Ciovas, Pablo Insua (78. Denis Vavro), Javier Callen, David Ferrero (78. Javier Ondrose Barra), Itris (60). (62. Sergio Gomez), Raphael Mir Vicente

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