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Corona virus: Simon Hosunia vaccinated against COVID-19

  • Simon Hosania, 44, was vaccinated against Cora-19 at a clinic in Stara Biotnica. “More than 90km from home, but whatever – I would even drive 1090” – he wrote on Facebook
  • Hosonia said it had met with others who had registered for the vaccine during the interruption on Wednesday-Thursday.
  • We also need the resignation today of who made the Minister for the Dwarka Vaccine Minister. This government must resign and stop lying – President of Poland 2050 on Thursday, demanded the resignation of Mikas dvorsik
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“I agree: I do not know where Stara Botnica is, but now – thanks to Minister Dvoசிக்கசிக்கk – I already know. During the chaos on Wednesday and Thursday, this organization assigned me to this vaccination site, more than 90 km from home, but whatever – I would have traveled 1090 too “- he wrote on Facebook.

“Tomorrow everyone will have time, but today I have all the health professionals I work with this Christmas, vaccinating us, caring for our relatives in hospitals, being on duty in emergencies, testing samples in labs, providing everything needed in pharmacies, and all services taking care of our safety” – Poland 2050 Party The President thanked the Health Service.

Simon Hosea added that he had been vaccinated in the Pfizer product, but that did not depend on his decision. He told his wife that he had been vaccinated with AstraZeneca and was not feeling well.

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Simon Hosavuniya noted the confusion over the vaccination program. “Dvoசிக்k must resign”

At a press conference on Thursday, Hovnia said that morning due to the slow pace of vaccination for seniors, it had been decided to release vaccination dates for 40-60 year olds, and two hours later he said it was a mistake and a mistake in the system, which could happen with such aggression. “” So at 8 or 10 he lied “- added the President of Poland 2050.

– There is no reason for that. If the Minister of the Government of the Republic of Poland lies, there is only one way to deal with it: he resigned – Hosavuniya said.

He estimated that the chaos of the national immunization program reached a climax on Thursday. – After they were told they had failed, when they had to turn off the system, they blocked the vaccination system for all poles. Today, thousands of poles are waiting at vaccination points to be vaccinated, the entire registration system is hung up, today the whole care supports primary care, doctors are not able to vaccinate people – said.

“The resignation of Minister Dvoசk is not enough,” he said. – We also need the resignation today of who made Minister Dvoசோர்k a minister for vaccination. This government must resign and stop lying – said the Polish 2050 leader.

According to Hosonia, “if the government allows 40-60 year olds to register for the vaccine as a result of its failure,” it must leave it as it is and accept subsequent entries in accordance with the terms it has agreed with. . – If these people had already made up their minds, if they had already made themselves happy, if they had already planned their lives, if they had already said that they would go, Minister Dvoசிக்k came out and said “I lied two hours ago” – this is something that was not on my mind – he told Hosunia.

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Dvoசிக்k explains the confusion surrounding vaccines. He apologizes for “two trips”

Minister Mikey Dvoசிக்k had to deal with the ongoing chaos Registration for vaccines for 40-59 year olds started unexpectedly. From Wednesday to Thursday night the organization issued recommendations for poles for this age group without notice. This is not a mistake, Mike Duorsic confirmed in a morning interview on RMF. Several dozen minutes later, the politician announced that there was a flaw: contrary to the rulers’ plans, there were records of the younger poles for April, not May as planned.

– We have seen a decline in dynamics in recording people over 60 years of age. Interest in this group of registrants has dropped significantly. The younger the age, the less interest there is. At the same time, new vaccines appeared – the full potential of the government for vaccination stated, explaining why younger volunteers were given the opportunity to register for vaccines.

“We have made it possible for these people to register for the vaccine tonight,” the minister explained. – It was assumed that these people would be invited with the proposed dates starting this morning. The team was to receive a vaccination plan in the second half of May 40-59 – said. – Unfortunately, there were mistakes, some of which were signed in April – he added.

– There are two drawbacks to note: a 40-year-old computer error recorded in April, but not in May, as expected. The second stumble is related to communication, which should have been very effective yesterday. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused – said Dvoிக்k, explaining the confusion surrounding vaccines on Thursday.

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