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Przsławice. Accident: Suspected of assaulting 15-month-old girl in custody

The tragic accident took place at 6 pm on Friday on Provincial Road No. 575 in Brosavis, Sokoshev Boviat. The findings of the investigation show that a man who was driving an Infiniti car hit a stroller with a 15-month-old girl, driven by her father. The child died despite being resurrected. The girl’s father was slightly injured. The driver drove away from the scene of the accident.

Police, under the supervision of a prosecutor, conducted a large-scale search for the man involved in the tragic accident. The police commander in Sochas issued a warning to unit officers. An appeal was notified to all who traveled this way and may have a video recorder or keep track of the route or have other information about the incident.

An accident in Przęsławice. Detention and interrogation of the suspect

The suspect was arrested Saturday afternoon. Press Officer, Young Asby, of the Bowieat Police Headquarters in Sosox. Agnieszka Digic said it was thanks to the help of the public and the work of the police in examining the evidence and information gathered about the accident.

The driver of the car was questioned Friday evening in the district attorney’s office in Sox. Attorney Jonah Simaniak said the suspect caused a fatal accident and fled the scene, before submitting a request to the court to apply for remand in custody before the suspect. During the interrogation the suspect submitted “detailed explanations in which he did not actually plead guilty and described the course of the incident from his point of view,” the prosecutor said.

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Arrest for the suspect

On Sunday morning, a district court in Sosox agreed with the prosecutor’s motion and remanded the 61-year-old in custody for three months.

Those involved in a dangerous accident could face up to 12 years in prison