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There will be more restrictions on the Easter festival. The Prime Minister confirms

“We will introduce the new regulations for the next two weeks in the latest time on Thursday,” said Prime Minister Matos Moraveki in Wadowice. Thus, the unofficial information of the RMF FM reporters was confirmed.

During a visit to Vadovis, the head of state announced that new restrictions would be announced this week. All around us – Germany, Czech, other countries are introducing new controls, and for the next two weeks we will be introducing some of the latest new restrictions on Thursday to repress the virus, and wait until the collective immune system says win the virus – Said the Prime Minister.

Moraweki pointed out that the new restrictions would cover two weeks. The week before Easter and the week following Easter – He announced.

In terms of controls, we make decisions based on several parameters at once. First, it is, of course, the trend of infections or the trend of infections in general – Said the Prime Minister.

He noted that the number of people admitted to the hospital is also taken into account. The other is the very sad, tragic situation associated with the deaths of our citizens. Another is the number of breathing beds. Finally, we take into account what is happening in the countries around us – He calculated.

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We take into account the result of some of these basic parameters. First, to prevent what happened last spring in the rich countries of Western Europe, we can offer people the possibility of treatment: selecting patients, leaving patients in social welfare homes. – The head of government insisted.

The Prime Minister also announced support for the hotel industry, gastronomy and tourism. He added that there would be an extension of the current rules and additional tools, “in the last weeks and months it will help, I hope.”

There are industries that have gone through Govt-19 with relatively dry feet, e.g. Widely understood food industry. But the ones that have been in the most difficult position in practice since October are often closed – Moravian explained during his visit to the Maspex factory.

In an interview with Polsat yesterday prof. Andrzej Harban, Chief Adviser to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on Govt-19 He acknowledged that complete locking was possible from next Sunday.

As he now points out Hospitals operate “to the limit of their capabilities”. If we exceed 30,000, it is time to start fearing – he said.

According to RMF FM reporter Krzysztof Berndi, Some trade restrictions are also possible with us, Such as reducing the number of customers who may be in stores at the same time. In return, the operating hours of the stores will be extended.

It is very possible Closing hairdresser and beauty salons and DIY and home appliance stores.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Vojvodina Androzevich, argues that we do not run the risk of being banned from traveling around Poland during Easter. R.M.F. . Another reason It was a social uprising. The government knows that many will ignore such a ban, so it makes no sense to introduce it.

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Ministry of Health today 16,741 new cases of corona virus infection have been reported. 396 people have died since Govt-19. The highest number of new cases are in Mazovia – 3,105 and in Silesia – 2023.

Compared to last week’s data (since last Tuesday), the number of cases has increased by 2,345.

Hospitals have more than 26,000 patients with Covit-19, up 1,438 more than the previous day. 2512 patients required ventilator treatment.