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Corona virus in Poland. New cases of infection and death – March 18

The Ministry of Health on Thursday announced 27,278 new cases of confirmed corona virus infection. This is the second highest daily balance since the onset of the epidemic. The ministry also announced that 356 people diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 had died.

Most new cases of corona virus infection – 4408 – Registered at Mazowieckie voivodship.

The remaining cases come from the following voyages: ąląskie (3,788), Wielkopolskie (2,493), Dolnośląskie (2,371), Małopolskie (2,192), Pomorskie (1758), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (1734).

431 Infections “Addressless Data”, which are to be completed by the Department of Health and Safety.

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The number of new infections on Thursday is the second highest daily balance since the outbreak in Poland. The highest balance was confirmed on November 7 – 27,875 cases of infection.

The Ministry of Health also announced on Thursday In death 356 Infected. 78 people died from COVID-19 People, because COVID-19 is associated with other diseases – 278 People.

Since the outbreak, 1,984,248 infections have been confirmed in Poland, and 48,388 have died.

The average number of daily infections in the last seven days was 19,244. This is the maximum number until November 23, 2020.

In the last 24 hours, 86,240 tests for the presence of the corona virus were carried out, the ministry said.

How many returned? How many breathing apparatus are occupied?

Wednesday’s epidemic data report shows this:

29 955 Beds are intended for patients with COVID-19 (+743 compared to the previous day), – including 21 858 Beds are occupied by COVID-19 patients (+347), – 3 021 Ventilators are intended for patients with COVID-19 (+42), – among them 2 190 Breathing devices are used (-3), – 356 227 People are isolated (+28 274), – 1 603 832 People returned (+10 667).

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Additional restrictions have been extended to the entire country

Strict restrictions for more than two weeks Are in practice at the Vormiosko-Mazursky Voyage. On Saturday, March 13, they were also introduced in Pomerania. On Monday, they also went into effect at the Masovsky and Lubusky Voiceships.

New restrictions:
– Hybrid teaching in grades 1-3 of primary schools, – Closed hotels, – Limited activity of shopping malls, – Closed theaters, cinemas, museums, galleries, casinos, – Closed swimming pools, sanas, solarium, sports facilities.

On Wednesday, the head of the Ministry of Health Adam Nidzilsky From March 20 to April 9, these restrictions apply with the same change across the country – students in grades 1-3 in primary schools They will return to distance education.

Key Photo Source: Lessek Simaski / BAP

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