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After the “unprecedented fight”, Putin offers a conversation with Pitton

  • Putin offers Pidon a “face-to-face interview.” – without any delay – he insists, proposing Friday or Monday
  • The day before, Biden not only called Putin a “killer” but also announced the consequences of Russia’s interference in the US presidential election – in support of Donald Trump.
  • Meanwhile, Russian delegates demanded a “severe reaction” to Biden’s words from the Kremlin
  • The United States has so far not responded to calls for presidential proposals
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However, Putin insisted that he wanted to “maintain bilateral relations with the United States” and talk to Biden about bilateral relations and regional conflicts. – I would like to invite President Pita to continue our discussion, but on the condition that we do it live on the Internet. In an open, live discussion, Putin told the TV channel Rosia 24 on Thursday, without delay.

Earlier, in a statement quoting Biden, Putin said he wanted the US president to have “good health.”

Let me remind you. In an interview with ABC News’ Good Morning America, Joe Biden said Putin should face the consequences of trying to influence the vote, but when asked what action Washington would take in response, he replied, “You’ll see soon.”

President of the United States He said he believed Putin was a killer and did not believe he had “a soul”, the Reuters agency reported. In connection with Biden’s words Russia has summoned its US ambassador to Moscow for consultation.

Commenting on Biden’s words, Putin noted that “there are many dramatic and bloody events in the history of every nation.” – When evaluating other people or other states or other countries, as we always see ourselves in a mirror. We always see you there – said the Russian President.

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Kremlin: US-Russia relations are “very bad”, Biden does not want to establish them

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called relations between the United States and Russia “very bad.” As he said, the Kremlin is of the opinion that US President Joe Biden does not want to establish relations with Russia and that Russian officials will believe this assumption.

– I do not want to say too much in reaction; I would say these are the worst statements of the US President. He openly does not want to establish relations with our country, and we will continue to accept this assumption – Peskov said during a press conference.

To further questions on the matter, the Kremlin representative replied “nothing to add”. When asked if President Vladimir Putin would respond to Biden’s words, the spokesman said he could not “determine exactly.” Peskov said he did not recall similar statements from previous US leaders.

The Russian delegation responded harshly. Konstantin Kozachev, vice-president of the upper house of parliament, said Biden’s comments were “unacceptable” and “inevitably provoke already bad relations” and “put an end to all Moscow’s hopes of changing US policy under the new administration.”

According to Cossacks, the dismissal of the Russian ambassador to the United States is the only reasonable course of action in these circumstances. – I suspect it will not be the last step if there is no explanation or apology from the US side – assessed Cossacks.

The deputy stressed that such assessments were “unacceptable”, especially when given the voice of a “politician” like the US president. According to the Cossacks, this is a turning point in US-Russian relations. Other MPs also demanded a “tough reaction” to Biden’s words from the Kremlin.

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Media: Unprecedented sequence

There was an “unprecedented conflict” in Russian-American relations, writes the daily “Commissar”, commenting in an interview with Biden, calling Putin a “killer”.

Isvestia claims that Biden asked him a question “with the substantial help of a journalist” and that it was not Biden who spoke the word “killer”. However, Daily agrees that “above all, the diplomatic nature of this response is obviously complex.”

The daily “Vedomosti” considers Piton’s statements to be “unprecedented.” Paves Koskin of the United States and the Canadian Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN) told the newspaper that none of the US presidents allowed such harsh statements about Russian leaders. In his opinion, Biden is “acting very bitterly.”

The scientist said the US president’s statements would now lead to new tensions in relations with Russia and sanctions. He did not expect the diplomats of the two countries to expel each other.

Controversial words by Biden

In an interview with ABC News’ Good Morning United States, Fiden stressed that Putin should suffer the consequences of trying to influence the vote. When asked what action Washington would take, he replied, “You’ll see soon.”

The president told Reuters that he believed Putin was a “murderer” and did not think he had a “soul”.

However, Fiden acknowledged that cooperation with Russia, such as the START disarmament agreement, was “in our common interest”.

The New Start Agreement (further reduction and control of offensive tactical weapons) was signed in April 2010 in Prague by then-US and Russian presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev. It came into force in February 2011. It is expected to significantly reduce missiles and nuclear weapons on both sides. This allows 18 military facilities to be inspected per year. In early February, the United States and Russia decided to extend the new START agreement for five years.

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Biden said Putin knew “relatively well.” “The most important thing in dealing with foreign leaders is, in my experience … getting to know them,” he said.

In a statement released Tuesday, U.S. intelligence said Putin has oversaw or at least endorsed efforts to manipulate the US presidential campaign in support of Trump.. On the same day, CNN reported that the White House would impose sanctions on Russia next week.

The report says Trump allies worked with Moscow to discredit Biden Hunter’s son through Russian-linked Ukrainian figures such as Andrei Derkach, a Member of Parliament who was to appoint several politicians to the United States to defame Biden.

According to the report, Konstantin Klimnik, another man associated with Russian intelligence, played a key role in Moscow’s operations. U.S. intelligence believes Klimnick and Derkos met with Trump-linked individuals and provided material to prove Hunter Biden was involved in the scandal in Ukraine.

The report emphasizes that Klimnick was an ally of Paul Manafort, who served as head of Trump’s 2016 election campaign. Manafort was a key figure in the investigation led by Special Advocate Robert Mueller. Russiagate, i.e. allegations that Russia interfered in the 2016 election campaign.

(Source: BAP, Onet. KS)