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Corona virus in Poland. Locking and movement barrier? Pyotr Mல்லller comments

More than 15.5 thousand beds are now occupied and more than 1,500 people are under respirators, a number that is rising, government spokeswoman Pyotr Mல்லller told Radio Jet on Thursday. He said more restrictions would be introduced after the weekend. They are considered at the regional level.

Government spokeswoman Pyotr Mல்லller told Radio Jet on Thursday this weekend that infection control would not change. The next will be introduced after the weekend. He said regions, not nationalities, were being considered for restrictions.

He added that it was still up to the government to decide whether the new restrictions would apply or whether such measures would always be taken.

Considered restrictions

“Now more than 15,500 beds are occupied and more than 1,500 are under respirators, and that number is growing,” he said. Locking is considered where the number of infections is high, he said.

When asked if the ship ban could be introduced, he replied “absolutely not”. – There will be no such considerations and will not exist – he promised.

– Situation to reduce social movement, among other things, when we limit, for example, the Warmisco-Masursky voyage, traffic in shopping malls, in this case the closing of schools – these are tools used during an epidemic to prevent the number of social movement and social interactions, thus reducing movement, M முller stressed.

He also answered questions about corona virus vaccines. He acknowledged that the Medical Council had asked the government to vaccinate outside the queue, but assured that there were no such plans.

Chinese vaccines in Poland?

He was also asked if Poland planned to buy Chinese vaccines. – Variation considered only in the context in which actual medical records are kept, all procedures. We can not deny it, so the conversation between President Duda and the President of China – he said. He assured that there was a notification from the Chinese side about the possibility of purchasing such vaccines and that there was “no disagreement” with the government on the matter.

– Minister Nietzsche made it clear that the condition is that the product is safe and that others in the government think so, but you must take action in parallel with the product test – M முller explained. – Then, there will be the accusation that the Chinese vaccine turns out to be safe, we are somewhere far away. Measures should be taken in parallel, he said.

Poland to buy Chinese or Russian vaccines? Government Spokeswoman Pyotr Mல்லller: No decision has been made yetTVN24

Presidents of Poland and China, Andrzej Duda and Xi Jinping, Spoke this week about the purchase of a Chinese vaccine against COVID-19 in Poland. The product is already being administered in Hungary, which was vaccinated by Prime Minister Victor Orban. Russia (Sputnik V) and China are the only countries in the European Union that have approved the vaccine. None of them have yet received approval from Brussels. There is no information that Chinese vaccine manufacturers have sought recognition in the Union market.

Health Minister asked about the purchase of Chinese vaccines by Poland during a press conference in Gdańsk on Wednesday Adam Nidzilsky. – There is currently no end in sight. I do not know of any research results that pass through the sieve of detailed analysis and recognize the marketing (Chinese vaccines – edition). At this time, I do not recommend the use of this vaccine – said.

Minister of Health on Chinese VaccinesTVN24

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