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Nergal’s investigation. Attorney’s application in the case of Adam Tarsky

  • The court has not yet made a decision at the request of the attorney. – I perceive this request as another attempt to persecute Adam Torsky – said Nergal Jacek Pottulsky’s bodyguard
  • In an interview with BAP, attorney Kroblevsky explained that his application was in response to the comments of the second trial court, which set aside the first judgment in this case.
  • During the trial, the court fined PLN 500 the former law and justice MP, Stanislaw Pinta, who was to testify, but did not appear in court and did not justify his absence.
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It took place on Thursday, in front of the district court in Gdańsk Another investigation into the process. The court revealed that lawyer Mikhail Kroblevsky of the Regional Attorney’s Office in Gdańsk filed a new application for evidence.

– Defendants Adam Torsky and Rafa Vectorovich (they agreed to provide personal data) use occupied living standards to protect all information technology devices, including telephones, computers and other electronic data carriers. After securing these devices, the public prosecutor requests that an expert in the field of computer science be appointed to obtain email information sent between the defendants from January 18 to February 8, 2016, to confirm that the defendants were intent on defamation. Judge Monica Jobska said the emblem of the Republic of Poland presented it as a monster.

The court has not yet made a decision at the request of the attorney. – I feel the public prosecutor’s request for another attempt to harass Adam Torsky. We also deal with an abstraction from reality – it is known that people often change their computers and phones, which is about documents that existed a few years ago – said Nergel’s defense attorney and two other defendants, Jacek Pottulski.

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Must respond in writing to the attorney’s request within 14 days.

Nergal’s investigation. Another application was rejected

In an interview with the BAP, attorney Kroblevsky explained that the second case in which the case was overturned was a response to the court’s comments that the evidence in the form of emails between the accused was not properly preserved. – Although I believe that this function was done correctly at the stage of investigation – he set aside.

On Thursday, however, the court dismissed another of the prosecutor’s requests that Jacek Pottulsky be heard as a witness. At the initial stage of the investigation, the prosecutor voluntarily handed over to the police the emails that Tarsky had provided.

– The role of the host in this case is technical in nature, he only handed over these emails to the police, he is not their author. Furthermore, these court proceedings are aimed at stopping the attorney from being a defense attorney. Judge Jobska explained that if a lawyer acts as a witness, he must resign from defending the defendants, according to the Bureau of Disciplinary Justice.

During Thursday’s hearing, the court fined former law and justice MP, Stanislaw Pinta PLN 500, who was to testify as a witness, but did not appear in court to justify his absence.

What is the Nergal Inquiry about?

The lawsuit, filed before the Gdańsk court, was held on “Rzeczpospolita Niewierna” from September 30 to October 10, 2016, on the promotion of the band’s concert tour.

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Ingredients included. In the posters, the graphics depicted a white eagle without a crown: instead, devil horns grew from the bird’s head. The eagle is engraved with two snakes, skulls and an inverted cross. The eagle was placed on a red background, and the whole style was reminiscent of the Polish emblem. Above the eagle is the inscription “Rzeczpospolita Niewierna”.

During the trial, the lawyers received the views of two experts in the field of heraldry, history and iconography, which showed that the graphic design of the emblem of the Republic of Poland was deliberately distorted, with an ideologically completely different content of historical and state-based elements and symbols associated with anti-Christianity.

In April 2018, the district court in Gdańsk acquitted Adam Torsky and two other defendants: graphic artist Rabase Vectorovich and Magiz Kruska, who runs the team’s website and shop. All of the accused agreed to release their personal data. The State Attorney’s Office appealed the ruling.

In September 2018, the Gdańsk Court of Appeal overturned the lower court’s decision and dismissed the case.

The case of Torsky and two other defendants was heard for the second time in July 2020 in the District Court in Gadansky. During the first hearing last summer, “Nergal” admitted he was not guilty and refused to provide explanations.

During the first trial before the Gdańsk court, Torsky, among others, described the symbolism Behimot’s music used as “intense and aggressive” and was part of a conference on the use of the Death Metal genre of “symbols of snakes, birds of prey, inverted crosses and other occult”.

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Public insult to the Polish symbol is punishable by a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for one year.

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