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Pogo broke. One goal, but red cards and three bikes

The last few weeks have not been a win for either team. Jacqueline last won on January 30 (with 2: 0) Lecchi Gtask), And Bogos did Series Three failures in a row. The first half confirmed it. No crackers. Or Jacellonia Biastock, Years Bogon Schkesin They did not create a dangerous act for themselves. The hosts were able to make a shot. It will remain the same.

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As soon as the pages changed, the crowd rose slightly. The chase may have taken the lead, but Luka Sahovic attacked the post. In the 64th minute, Jakub Bartkowski played on the penalty box to Mikey Kucharsic, who got the ball efficiently and then defeated Xavier Djikovsky with a specific shot from 11 meters. For the former Legia player, this is his third win of the season.

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In the 77th minute, Kucharsic should have mentioned an assist, but Cocker Smoliski was unable to beat Djikovsky, who kicked the ball into a corner.

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In the 82nd minute, the referee awarded another yellow card to Smolyaski for a tactical error. Like Martin Pospisil, the Bogos player flew off the field and immediately received two yellow cards – for one foul and for pushing an opponent. At the end of the game, Rafes saw his second yellow card for a fraud in Kurzawa. The result of the match did not change despite Adam Froxak scoring a goal. However, the referee canceled the goal because he had previously noticed an offense in the middle zone of the pitch.

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Table situation

After playing in 21 games, Pogo has 38 points, less than four BrigadeThe match with Wardha Bosna awaits. Jacqueline, on the other hand, is 12th and has two points in the lead Wisbach.