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Controversy surrounding Daniel Obajtek. Patrick Jackie: You hit me at five

Patrick Jackie, when asked if there was a chance to stay in any of the properties described by PKN Arlene’s president-owned media, replied, “You’re kidding, I know nothing about this.”

– Please make an appointment with me separately, we will talk, please do not put me in a situation like this, talk about something from a few years ago, I have no way to prepare for it – MEP

– You were in the ministry then, you do not have to prepare yourself – explained President Andrzej Stankievich. – We worked on a hundred bills. I am not responsible for the law in this case – Yak replied.

According to Obajtek’s records released by “Gazeta Viborxa” in 2009, as head of PCM, he managed the company from the back seat, although this is prohibited by law. The lawsuit alleges that the ambassador provided the information to the complainant. Members of the Civic Alliance They are investigating a conspiracy near Krakow. In their opinion, the area originally owned by the current leader of Arlan was donated in 2011 to his brother. Five years later, it was withdrawn, but PLN built a house worth $ 5 million.

Arlan’s President’s Houses, Villa, Manor House and Summer Resorts

“Newsweek” reveals additional attributes of Daniel Obajtek. Their total value is estimated at almost PLN3 million. He bought some of them as a local government official. Some he rewrote for other family members.

PKN Orlan, who was the mayor of PCM City, bought it Two apartments in Mylanis PLN 750 thousand worth PLN. Currently, he owns only one and the other is owned by his ex-wife.

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He has in his home commune “270 meters long old estate”. In the first property declaration since 2014, PLN estimated its value at 150,000. P.L.N. Weekly writes that you have to pay five times more for a similar house in the area – PLN 750 thousand. P.L.N.

The other is 120 meters high “Villa in Sasino” In the Community of Soksevo in Pomerania. It is an investment for rent and photos from its interior can be found on travel websites. In 2010, Obaztech took 550,000 to buy it. PLN loan.

A few kilometers away Holiday cottagesNext to his brother, he had previously donated a piece of land near Krakow. At the same time he got a second loan for what they bought. This is another 463 thousand. P.L.N.

In 2013, Obajtek bought a wooden house in Langorona. He put it in his place 230 meter building with shopping malls. “Newsweek” estimates its value approximately. PLN 650 thousand. P.L.N. Officially, the owner is the mother of the head of Arlan, as well as the two plots in the area he has set aside for her.

Already head of Energy, he bought another one in 2017, this time Historic manor house In the Choksevo Commune. This will cost at least 400,000. P.L.N. For the reconstruction, he received a grant from the Ministry of Culture, the KGHM Foundation and the PKO PP Foundation, for a total of at least PLN 1.5 million. This building was built by Crazy R.P. Handed over to the Foundation and later to the Handicap Foundation.

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