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Migration from Mexico to the United States. In March, a record number of juvenile detainees detained nearly 19,000 children

About 19,000 children crossing the Mexican-US border were detained by U.S. border services in March, the government’s CBP Customs and Border Agency released on Thursday. This is the highest record for detaining a child immigrant. The youngest child found by authorities is three years old.

The U.S. government’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency released its March 2021 migration figures from Mexico on Thursday. According to them, U.S. services crossed the border owning 18,890 children this month. These figures exceed the balance sheet mark of more than 7,000, which came in from May 2019, with nearly 10,000 results since February this year. Three years old for youngest child discovered by CBP agents.

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One reason for this visit is that the Joe Buchen administration is easing the contagious rules for the withdrawal of asylum seekers in the United States and forcing them to wait until their applications are processed in Mexico. Under the new rules, these rules do not apply to minors.

In all, U.S. services detained 168,000 immigrants in March, more than half of whom returned to Mexico. Many are making multiple attempts to cross the border.

Center for Immigrants in Dona, TexasPAP / EPA / DARIO LOPEZ-MILLS / POOL

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Centers for Child Immigrants are overcrowded

The rapid arrival of child migrants, mainly from Central America, led to a greater burden of infrastructure. These are temporary, temporary centers that are referred to before the children are handed over – often – to relatives, who are waiting for the asylum to end.

According to the AP organization, in Dona, Texas, four thousand people gathered in a tented center where there were 250 seats, but by law, children should not be there for more than three days. However, this rule is repeatedly broken.

From these centers, immigrants are transferred to others, run by the Department of Health and Social Welfare, who had to rent stadiums, arenas and military bases in Texas for this space.

Center for Immigrants in Dona, TexasPAP / EPA / DARIO LOPEZ-MILLS / POOL

The number of immigrants from Mexico to the United States is steadily increasing

Since November, the number of Central American immigrants trying to cross the southern border of the United States has been steadily increasing. There is optimism among immigrants that they will be able to stay in the United States as President Joe Biden reverses the worsening economic conditions in the region, the catastrophic hurricanes that hit the region last year and Donald Trump’s control policies.

In mid-March, the president Biden appealed to immigrantsShould not come to the southern border of the United States. – We arrange, do not leave your hometown – said.

A family trying to cross the US border in Ciudad JuarezBAP / EPA / Louis Torres

Key Photo Source: BAP / EPA / Louis Torres

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