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Get the best game of PS Plus 2019 for April or Xbox Game Pass

Sequoia: Shadows will be available twice as soon for the PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass.

Sony’s PS Plus offers increasingly interesting offers (Check out the list of March games), And users of the Xbox Game Pass provided by Microsoft still get (remember that One or two days Going to the Empire of Sin service) more and more interesting items to play at a very low price. It turns out that one of the subscriptions may soon get the best game of 2019.

It’s Sego: Shadows twice, which won the most important award given annually in the gaming industry during the Sports Awards 2019. In his latest Twitter post, Special_ed, co-host of Xbox Era’s podcasts, told the community not to buy a blockbuster from the software at any time.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Given that Insider is more associated with Microsoft than Sony, we can assume that Game Boss will get another killer in the coming months.


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