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Controversy over vaccines in Rzeszów. “They vaccinate everyone they want. Pfizer.”

Rzeszw is currently the most “vaccinated” city in Poland. In the capital of podcasting, 119,000 jobs have already been created. Vaccines for 190 thousand. Residents. According to the Civic Alliance MP, the product can be obtained at two vaccination points without registration and prescription. Commentators point out that the presidential election is soon to take place in Russo. Mike Dvoசிக்k mentioned this information. “All regions are vaccinated at the same rate,” he promises.

119,000 jobs have already been completed in Rzeszw. Vaccines for 190 thousand. Residents. According to Rafas Mundry of Wroclaw University, the number of vaccines corresponds to 63 percent. Urban population. In comparison, the average of the largest Polish cities is 27 percent. Rzeszów was followed by Katowice (39%), Bosna (36%) and Laplin (34%).

The second dose of the vaccine was taken 33 thousand in Rzesz Rw. Population (17.4% of the population). The average for the whole country is 5.4 percent.

Rysov may be jealous of his effectiveness in vaccines, but according to media reports, the procedures are completely inconsistent with those established in the National Vaccine Program. The “Gazette Vyborksa” reported that the crowd, including those in their 20s, 30s and 40s, stood a point ahead on Thursday and Friday without recommendations for vaccinations.

I found out about the vaccine option from a relative who was vaccinated on Thursday. She told me that it was enough to go without any problems, stand in line and get the Pfizer vaccine. I left at 6pm on Friday. The line had a torque of several dozen meters. I stood on my tail, told him I was a student at the fire school, went inside and got vaccinated. No one checked any documents, recommendation or SMS. I stepped inside and put in a needle – Says a 24-year-old from Rzeszów in an interview with “GW”.

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Virtualna Polka provided similar information. The portal said the vaccines came from other places, such as Brezemial.

Darius Jossky, an MP from the Civic Alliance, decided to tackle the vaccine issue in Russo. From Rzeszów on Twitter, just before a vaccination point.

Yesterday (Saturday – edition) you can get vaccinated without Pfizer registration and e-reference at least two places on the podcarpace In front of one of the vaccination points, photos from Rzeszów. They vaccinate everyone they want. Pfizer. Is the government telling us anything? – The politician asked on Twitter.

In an interview with the Polish Armed Forces, the MP said that not only was the point shown in the photos, but that vaccines were made available to those who wished.

From the information I have received, it appears that one of the two out-of-outpatient clinics at Podcarpace has been administering such vaccines for two weeks Ionian said.

The MP said the situation was beyond the control of the government. For now, it looks like Poland is currently the leader in chaos in the fight against the epidemic – he said.

Commentators also point to the political aspect of the accelerated vaccination in Rzeszów. Presidential elections will be held in the city on May 9, as former longtime president Thaddeus Frank has had to resign due to health issues. The rapid removal of the population will facilitate elections, but – as commentators have pointed out – may force citizens to vote for the candidate for power. Among others, the podcast supports the Voyage Piece Eva Leniard, Agreement Candidate Voltaire Cottula, Proposed and subsequently supported during the campaign of Deputy Minister of Justice Ferenc Markin Warchos, Former partner of Ferenc, vice president of the city council and president of the Russov Development Club Conrad Fijosek; He is supported by others PO, Levica, PSL and Federation member Ruch Polka 2050 Crosscourse Pron And former MP for Cookies 15. Magiz Masonovsky.

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Mike Djorsik, head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellor and co-ordinator of the vaccination program, took to Twitter to address the issue.

Reports about Rzeszów and the percentage of vaccinated people in this city are not true. All regions are vaccinated at the same rate. The location of the dots on the podcarpace makes people living in one part of the region and nearby districts benefit from the vaccines in Rzeszów – He wrote.

The numbers show the number of people who have been vaccinated at the vaccination points, but not the number of people who have been vaccinated by Rezov. This also suffers Rzeszów Report High vaccination points in field vaccines. We will discuss this in detail at tomorrow’s conference – He insisted.

Includes graphics duorsic related to vaccines on podcorpace. However, he did not comment on vaccination reports.

Commentators point out that each capital is being vaccinated against those coming from other places in the Voidship, but only in Russo the indicator is too high.

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M. Data provided by Dvoசிக்k since December. The acceleration in Rzeszów is visible for 2 weeks. In one week, it overtook Szczecin (404 thousand people), Laplin (340 thousand) and Katowice (296 thousand). – Written by Rafas Mundry.

As a reminder, unexpectedly 40- to 59-year-olds can register to be vaccinated against Govt-19 on Thursday morning, when they applied for the vaccine in January. They often had very close encounters, even on the same day, i.e. 60- and 70-year-olds waiting for the vaccine.

To The registration for the 40+ group suddenly opened Mike Djorsik, head of the Prime Minister’s Office, explained in an interview with RMF FM this morning.

Over the past two days, registration for people over the age of 60 has dropped, so we decided to start registering people who claim to be ready to register in January. There are recommendations for people in their 40s and 60s – He informed.

However, two hours later, Dvoசிக்k At a press conference it was announced that the inclusion of people between the ages of 40 and 59 has been suspended. He explained that the dates for those in this group should be set in the second half of May, but Some of them received the April deadline due to “some mistake”.

In the end, the government decided that Vaccination of 40-year-olds who received April appointments – This is about 60,000 people – They will be moved in the second half of May.

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