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Corona virus. Vaccines are not in order in Rzeszów. What’s going on?

  • Vaccines are possible in Rzeszów for previously unregistered individuals because they have been personally prescribed by a physician
  • In an interview with Onet, Dr. Stanislaw Masoor, head of the medical center “Medic”, which conducts mass vaccinations on podcars, said that its centers could vaccinate many more volunteers.
  • While the domain centers in Voidship are almost completely occupied, only 20 percent are used in Russo. Dates for vaccinations
  • There is also a lot of money. “Medic” means getting 61 slots per vaccine. Our calculations show that the amount of all vaccinations could reach more than a quarter of a million in two Easter days
  • “If there is someone with Downs Syndrome, or an obvious disability, or if he or she shows me that he or she is going to study medicine or something special, I will let these people in. I will let them in. If the government or the community does not like it, take these vaccines” – says Masoor emotionally. .
  • The National Health Fund announces a restriction, with opposition MPs believing the situation is linked to the city’s upcoming presidential election, and the minister in charge of the vaccination program, Mike Djorsik, speaks of “political innovation.” We explain what a mess of vaccines is in Rzeszów
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On Good Friday, information about the possibility of vaccinating people between the ages of 55 and 59 appeared on the website of the medical center “Medic” in Russo. “We do not need pre-registration” – it was noted.

“Medic” is a chain of companies that has been operating on podcarpace for 30 years. At the same time, it is also the main organizer of vaccinations in the region. The company’s clinics form a network of 105 vaccination points in the province of Potpourri.

One of them is located in the “whole market” shopping center on Rezdana Street in Reso. According to the announcement, it appeared here that younger people were more likely to be vaccinated than appear on the government schedule. The information spread very quickly, and there was a crowd of volunteers in front of the place.

Social media immediately spread the photos. The sequence of persons who have been vaccinated and the reports have come in without prior recommendation or registration. Some of them must be under 40 years of age.

Vaccinated without permission

The vaccine system developed by the government considers that people over the age of 60 should be vaccinated at this time. Only on April 12, 59-year-olds can register for vaccinations, and on April 13, 58-year-olds can register, so until April 24, 48-year-olds can register for vaccines. Vaccination for 40-year-olds is scheduled for May.

So much for theory. As executive chairman of the National Health Fund, Philip Novak acknowledged that “there is considerable suspicion” that those who were vaccinated in Risso were “ineligible to be vaccinated at the time and were recommended”.

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Such actions are possible because of vulnerability in the system. To register for a specific vaccination date, you must have a recommendation. It is automatically dispensed by the organization in accordance with the vaccine order established by the government.

However, a doctor can make a personal recommendation. These can be passed on to others with certain diseases. Some doctors prescribe them for people who work with the elderly or for medical students.

– Only on the basis of such recommendations listed on the spot was it possible to immediately register a person for vaccination – says one of the NFZ officials, asking for anonymity – all within the bounds of applicable terms, sometimes a lot of bending them – he adds.

PLN61 to vaccinate a person

– Already this holiday season, in conjunction with the e-Health Center [publiczna instytucja odpowiedzialna za systemy informatyczne w służbie zdrowia – red.] We researched people who were vaccinated in Rzeszów and tried to identify those individuals who probably should not be vaccinated because of their age, says Philip Novak, executive director of the National Health Fund. A total of 4,580 people were vaccinated on Regdana Street on Fridays and Saturdays. For each of them, the medical center must obtain “Medic” PLN61 from the fund. Total amount PLN 279.3 thousand. P.L.N.

– The community needs to take care of the vulnerable, the most vulnerable, this is what we did during the vaccinations from the beginning – commented Stanislaw Masoor, head of the “Medic” medical center in an interview with Onet.

– Until the end of February, we paid extra for the whole business with vaccines. We took them because the head of the podcasting branch of the National Health Fund called us so we could apply for the vaccine in the region because it should set a precedent for others – he explains. – It turned out that the price of the vaccine was too low and it would not pay. In addition, initially there were limited vaccine supply limits. For all this, doctors went to the eastern border with this small presence and tried to vaccinate – “Medica” insisted the president.

– The vaccination process is going well in our facilities. Suddenly, on Easter, we encountered unimaginable waves of hatred, despite our efforts to make sure the vaccines were as gentle as possible. It seems like we are acting in an irrational way because social emotions are so hot – explains the lazy lens.

Where did such a crowd come from?

According to Masoor, the crowd on Good Friday was “people from abroad, students returning from many other cities and universities, mainly young doctors among them, because now the round of uniformed services coincided”. – I saw more people coming than that – said the head of “Medica”. “I was standing with a microphone. Only people who showed me uniform licenses were allowed inside through the door. They were judges, lawyers, border service,” he added.

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The problem is, uniformed services are vaccinated differently. A vaccination coordinator has been appointed at the provincial police headquarters in Rzeszów. He issues orders for vaccinations for police, border guards, state and volunteer firefighters, or customs and tax services.

– This order goes to the coordinator at the police headquarters and from there to the government center for strategic reserves. This order specifies, among other things, individual vaccination points, the duration of vaccination, the number of vials and the number of people to be vaccinated – as explained in an interview with Onet Bodinsp. Marta Tapas-Raikel, spokeswoman for the provincial police headquarters in Russo. – Vaccinations are carried out on schedule – he adds.

The rest of the article is the video below:

More vaccines than people over 60?

Dr. Masoor also points out that “Medic” vaccines are carried out with Pfizer, which requires a very low storage temperature because the company has adequate facilities. Besides, as the President has pointed out: – If a person with Down Syndrome or an obviously disabled group shows me that he or she is going to study medicine or something special, I will let these people in, and I will let them in. If the government or the community does not like it, take these vaccines.

He agreed at the same time: – On Friday, we vaccinated 4080 people. Then another 500. We vaccinated, for example, WSK staff [zakładów metalurgicznych w Rzeszowie – red.] 55 and above. So we do – he declares.

He decided to vaccinate people over the age of 55 without registering because 60-year-olds did not want to be vaccinated and the vaccine vacancies were not filled.

Jonah Dobraska confirmed this information to us from “Medica”, which is responsible for the vaccination strategy – the capacity of our main vaccination point in Reso, i.e. 4 thousand. Places [terminów szczepień – red.] Daily. A total of 1,600 seats have been filled this week from Tuesday to Sunday. Fill in the blanks as much as possible. Through our hotline, uniformed people who come to us and are eligible to be vaccinated. However, this is definitely not enough – he estimates.

– Mostly, seats in Rzeszów are not occupied by more than 20 percent. On the other hand, small, field points in villages are filled by more than 90 percent. There are still vacancies, but still until April – said Jonah Topraska. – Our bandwidth is much higher than the national hotline and the patient’s web account. We went through our patient inventory lists very carefully. Those who wish, can recommend earlier dates and do it regularly – along with Jonah Topraska, the availability of arrangements is huge, filling all spaces and being able to vaccinate these patients.

Opposition Minister Dvoசிக்k

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Opposition lawmakers Darius Jossky and Mike Skerpa believe all the fuss in Russo is related to the city’s presidential election in May.

– On May 9, elections are held in Russo. There are no cases when a void suddenly appears in the medical center [kandydatka PiS na prezydenta Rzeszowa – red.] And promotes a vaccination point. Then, on April 2, there is information that almost everyone can be vaccinated – everyone over the age of 20, over 30, etc. can be vaccinated more often. It is good for people to be vaccinated, but we need to take note of this situation – said Szczerba.

– Unfortunately, there are political indications that Russov is being treated differently than in other parts of the country, which is related to the presidential election in this city. These are lies – Minister Mike Duorsic is responsible for the vaccination program.

Are they constantly trying to get vaccinated in Warsaw?

There is also a line of people who have not been vaccinated that day, but want to be vaccinated, in front of the National Stadium in Warsaw, where the vaccination site runs. Therefore, when someone does not arrive at the appointed time, they wait and come forward to take their place so that the vaccine is not wasted.

We asked the National Hospital if there were situations like this, if not everyone had a chance to get vaccinated, and what was going on with the unused vaccines because there were no people to get them. – There are no circumstances in which we vaccinate persons waiting in front of the stadium, which is also impossible for authorized reasons (i.e. the possibility of entering the vaccination site without prior appointment). Only those registered from the groups are vaccinated – says Yvonne Sostis, head of the patient service department at the Federal Medical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, which is an umbrella facility for the National Hospital.

– However, according to the rules, in cases of dose loss, the doctor has the right to vaccinate the unregistered person. This (rare) condition occurs when there are mixed doses of the vaccine at the end of the vaccination day. In such situations, it is recommended that caregivers of scheduled vaccinated individuals be vaccinated on the spot. The idea is to limit the percentage of used (unused) doses of the vaccine to an absolute minimum – he adds.

– We do not invite people near the stadium, we do not vaccinate “out of line” or random persons. Vaccines are mixed on a regular basis and the above conditions are present from time to time. These people are apologizing and postponing to the next day – Ivona Sostis insists.

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