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Windows 10: sound management better than ever!

Windows 10: sound management better than ever!

Windows 10 has limited controls when it comes to audio hardware and audio management. In fact, many users have already reported problems when using Bluetooth devices. Even if the microphone is present. There have also been many complaints about the sound quality itself, especially when using premium products like Airpods From Apple.

Windows 10: sound management better than ever!

With the Windows 10 Sun Valley update, also known as version 21H2, it appears Microsoft wants to improve the Bluetooth audio experience. For example, Microsoft is adding support for the AAC Bluetooth audio codec for all devices on Windows 10 version 21H2.

In the most recent version of the preview, the website Newer Windows I found at least two major changes. The first is a unified audio endpoint, which means that the Bluetooth microphone and audio connections will work properly

After the new release, everything will be central when we click on the volume icon in the taskbar. In other words, it wouldn’t be necessary to mess with multiple audio endpoints to use the audio and the microphone at the same time. To make it easier, Microsoft will automatically switch to the correct audio station.

For example, Windows automatically switches to the audio endpoint when listening to music on Spotify. If you switch to Zoom or Teams, the focus of the audio endpoint changes to microphone.

In fact, the purpose of the new version of Windows is much more than just aesthetics.

They also do a great deal of work in the background to improve various aspects of this OS.

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In Windows 10 version 21H2, you can disable Adaptive Brightness, which is a very popular way to save power. In practice, it reduces glare according to the content being viewed. This ensures more independence.

Windows 10 Som

However, in some cases, this is Implementation It can be very aggressive and can affect color reproduction. To eliminate any problems, the following update will allow you to disable this function from the Settings app. The screenshots show that this can be changed using Settings, System, Screen.

Now we move on to the camera settings. If you are using it on Windows 10, you know there is no very simple way to configure it. Especially when there is more than one. Now in version 21H2, you can manage your camera more effectively, find a list of available devices and adjust brightness and contrast through settings.

Windows 10 Som

You can select the camera and press the configure button to access additional features, such as options to change the default brightness and contrast for all apps. Plus, you can adjust brightness and reduce shadows around your face before joining the next video call.

Additionally, if you have an advanced camera configuration, you can change the rotation and improve the quality of video calls by activating HDR.

Windows 10 Som

Nobody forgot their privacy either.

So Windows 10 alerts you when this happens Applications Third-party access to your webcam, such as Chrome, Teams, or others. Additionally, when the camera is in use, an alert icon appears next to the name of the application you are accessing.

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