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Vanessa Martins responded to the letter

Vanessa Martins responded to the letter

FifthAnessa Martins posted a post earlier this week on her official Instagram account where she defended that women should stop using excessive Instagram filters that modify facial features.

Vanessa’s fiery words sparked a rift among the followers, and as expected, the criticism was not far away.

In response to the comments of those who say: “You criticize the filters but you do the botox,” the digital influencer explains his point.

Firstly, botox does not alter the features of my face. This is my face with and without botox. In fact, I really do not have Botox, “he confirms, noting that the treatment lasts only four months.

“It’s a treatment for wrinkles prevention … it has nothing to do with the filters on Instagram that change our face, expand our lips, make our noses thinner, and make our eyes bigger,” he explains.

“These lips are mine, I have never changed anything on my face. Everything is mine,” he confirms, realizing that he only put on his “boobs” when he was 21 years old. “I don’t have a tail, I don’t have any of these things. But I don’t judge who does, except that it has nothing to do with filters on Instagram,” he defends.

“The idea is just to create awareness, and I know it won’t change anything … But here we are trying to break the stone. Whatever happens, we can move things a little bit,” finished, happy with the many positives. Comments shared.

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