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Supporting businesses and workers affected by the fence in Odemira

Supporting businesses and workers affected by the fence in Odemira

“F“Today we learned that all those who were prevented from working during the sanitary fencing in the two parishes will be compensated,” said Audemera (Beja) mayor, Jose Alberto Rodriguez.

At a press conference held in Paços do Concelho, the mayor indicated that financial support would be provided through Social Security, “through a specific form that should be known today.”

The mayor said, “Everyone who is prevented from working is financially compensated by the state, through social security, which includes all workers and companies,” claiming that he does not know “how the money reaches the beneficiaries.”

In response to a question to reporters about whether the support includes all companies, Jose Alberto Guerrero said that according to what he sees from the information received, “all companies will be in the various sectors of economic activity.”

He stressed that “there are companies from all sectors whose workers have been prevented from moving inside the fence to practice their professional activity, and certainly the support is directed to these workers and companies.”

According to Jose Alberto Guerrero, workers who used to work remotely are “not covered” by financial support.

The Mayor of Alentejo, in statements to Lusa, defended the award of compensation to companies and workers in parishes that have been under a sanitary fencing for 11 days due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jose Alberto Guerrero warned at the time of the damage caused to companies and workers in these two parishes, who were prevented from working during the period of the sanitary fence.

The government, in the Cabinet of Ministers, approved the sanitary fence in Longueira-Almograve and São Teotónio, on April 29, and it came into effect the next day, due to the high rate of cases of COVID-19, especially in workers in the agricultural sector, many of whom are immigrants.

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In Odemira, the Prime Minister announced, Tuesday, that the sanitary fence will be lifted, starting at 00:00 today.

On Tuesday morning, the government received a message from the Public Health Coordinator in Litoral Alentejano stating that “most” current cases of covid-19 in that region correspond to “already identified transmission chains,” and that there is no community transmission and suggests the end of the fence.

Antonio Costa stressed that, within about 15 days of the sanitary fence coming into effect, this region recorded “a very significant decrease in the rate of transmission”, but warned that the government’s decision “does not mean the disappearance of the problem.”

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