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Vaccines. Dworsik: Online registration has resumed

On Thursday morning, Minister Dvoசிக்k told RMF FM that there was an open register for people over 60, but the record was sluggish, so the government decided to start registering people between the ages of 40 and 60, announcing that they were ready to be vaccinated in January.

Later in the press conference, Dworsik admitted that due to a flaw in the system, some 40-59 year olds had registered for April vaccination dates, and – as he insisted – these individuals should have dates in May. Therefore, the registration was suspended for several hours; Each such person must propose a date in the second half of May by a consultant or a machine.

After midnight from Thursday to Friday, the Prime Minister’s President announced the resumption of e – registration on Twitter.

“Electronic registration for the vaccine against COVID-19 has resumed. The full online patient account is available“- he wrote.

On the other hand, the inputs on the #Szczimysie profile maintained by the Government Information Center also confirmed that the SMS inputs were running smoothly. “We have introduced the necessary correction in the system” – it was said.


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