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Napoli provided the latest information about Pyotr Jiliaski. “More Tests” Football

Thursday Pyotr Jiliaski Passed a quick corona virus test at the airport in Naples, which gave a negative result, although he was a few hours ago Positive. Giliuski has just returned from training camp workersThere he shared a room with Łukasz Scorupski and Bologna goalkeeper is infected with the corona virus.

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– The molecular fabric carried out by Pyotr Giliuski yesterday evening gave a negative result. The player repeated the test in the morning with three Italian players. The test results are expected in the afternoon, shortly before training, Napoli announced Friday morning.

The fans are worried, but some of them sighed with relief. “The first danger has escaped, but I will worry until I see the final result,” one Napoli fan wrote. “Thank you so much,” commented another Katouzo sympathizer.

Will Giliuski leave a win?

The Italian media is reminded that Giliuski has already been victimized once. In October, when a corona virus erupted in Napoli, the team did not go to the game against Juventus. They also say that if the positive outcome is unfortunately confirmed, Ziliaski will disappear with the others. சீரி Also when playing with Napoli Juventus.

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Napoli have played in 27 matches and have 53 points. Juventus He is third with two points more. Inter Milan leads (65 points), Milan (59).

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