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United Kingdom asks fans to isolate Champions Trophy final - 06/03/2021 - Sports

United Kingdom asks fans to isolate Champions Trophy final – 06/03/2021 – Sports

The UK government has ordered hundreds of Chelsea and Manchester City fans to isolate themselves for ten days as they travel to Portugal for the Champions League final.

An estimated 12,000 people left England for Porto on the 29th after Chelsea won 1-0. There are fears they could spread the Nepal variant of the Covit-19.

The day after the decision, passengers on a Ryanair flight to London received messages or calls from NHS (National Health Service, English SUS) officials warning them to isolate themselves.

It also happened to fans who boarded five charter flights and traveled on the same day.

The British government has not released how many passengers were diagnosed with Govt-19 or whether it was a precautionary measure. Portugal was on the list of countries allowed by air, but withdrew due to concerns about the new variant.

Sports Brakes, which operated flights that took fans to the match, said it did not know of any positive tests for the Covit-19 on the way back.

A Chelsea fan posted at a club forum, “Someone on my plane seems to have been tested and tested positive,” the Daily Mail reported.

Others said they had been asked to isolate themselves even though they had already been vaccinated. Requests were made through NHS phone calls or messages sent by a mobile application that monitors communications between people diagnosed with Govt-19 disease.

The UK’s plan is to end the control of the epidemic and the distance between people on the next 21st. There are fears that new varieties like Nepal may prevent this.

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