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Venezuela: Oposição diz que foram encontrados "impactos de bala" na viatura usada por Guaidó

The opposition says that “traces of bullets” were found in the car used by Guaido

The Venezuelan opposition allied with Juan Guaido reported, today, that “traces of bullets” were found in the car used by the opposition leader to move in the country.

The opponent, Freddy Guevara, explained, on his Twitter account: “These are traces of bullets on the windows, which he received during his visits and movements throughout Venezuela.”

Without specifying when the traces of bullets were detected, the politician attached two pictures “from inside the car” through which cracks in the glass could be detected.

“Just that. It illustrates the dangers of confronting dictatorship.

On several occasions, the Venezuelan opposition allied with Juan Guaido denounced armed men attacking the cars of opposition politicians and targeting relatives and friends of dissidents, journalists, human rights defenders and activists by harassing officials from local security organizations.

The latest complaint occurred on the same day that Juan Guaido urged Venezuelans to protest in the streets, as of June 5, to press for an agreement to save Venezuela from the political, economic and social crisis, and from the government of President Nicholas. Maduro, whom the opposition blames for the situation in the country.

I am calling for protests to save Venezuela and to be able to demand the National Salvation Agreement. This agreement will not be achieved alone, it involves the exercise of the majority, bringing the Venezuelan Salvation Plan (PSL) to the streets.”

Juan Guaido was speaking in Caracas, during a public event attended by several MPs elected in 2015, students and representatives of civil society.

The opposition leader insisted that social and political leaders should spread the PLS throughout Venezuela and transform the demands of each sector into one, and organize civil protests with the participation of all Venezuelan sectors.

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“We are not starting from scratch, we have already come the way, with a majority built over the years and we are today [a oposição aliada de Juan Guaidó] Together and united,” he explained.

Guaido also considered that “unity was a necessary tool” for the opposition that “must avoid dispersal in order to defeat the dictatorship” and that the “possibility” of holding regional elections scheduled for the last quarter of 2021 would not split the opposition. In demanding the rights of Venezuelans.

The Venezuelan politician stressed that the country’s “democratic forces” are “ready” to move forward with the national rescue agreement, which he sees as “Venezuela urgently needs it.”

Meanwhile, Juan Guaido announced that Mexico and Norway could become the theaters of negotiations between the Venezuelan government and the opposition.

He also indicated that the international sanctions imposed by the United States on the country, among other countries, will be gradually lifted, with the results of negotiations between the government and the opposition being achieved.

On the other hand, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has publicly insisted that a final agreement with the opposition requires the lifting of sanctions.

Venezuela’s political, economic and social crisis has worsened since January 2019, when the speaker of parliament, opponent Juan Guaido, publicly swore to take over as the country’s interim president until Nicolas Maduro was ousted from power, calling for the formation of a transitional government. Free and democratic elections in the country.