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UN, Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom discuss the Cypriot issue - Observation of the East

UN, Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom discuss the Cypriot issue – Observation of the East

Greek and Turkish-Cypriot leaders met in Geneva, Switzerland on Tuesday (27) to seek consensus on a small Mediterranean island divided today, with the support of the United Nations. Reuters.

Recent negotiations on the Cypriot issue were held four years ago without success.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed the pragmatism of the possibility of progress on the reunification of Cyprus, and demanded that both sides be flexible about their approach to the controversy.

Turkish-Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar expressed hope that his two-state proposal would bring a “new perspective” to this week’s conference. However, the Greco-Cypriot party has already announced that it has rejected the idea.

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“I am going to Geneva to present my plan,” Tatar told the company on Monday (26) Reuters. “My new vision is to improve the well-being of all Siberians, in good neighborly and cooperative relations, to two sovereign nations living side by side.”

On the other hand, Greco-Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades said that the main purpose of the recent UN effort was to find a common ground to continue the dialogue on conflicts over the eastern Mediterranean.

Cyprus has been divided between Greek Cypriot in the south and Turkish Cypriot in the north since 1974.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is actually a state recognized only by Turkey.

As a guarantee, Ankara was also invited to a meeting in Geneva, which, in addition to Greece and the United Kingdom, confirmed the independence of the island of London in 1960.

Last year, the Turkish and Turkish-Cypriot governments put forward two state proposals for resolving regional conflicts. Greek-Cypriot leaders condemned the idea as an attempt to justify the country’s role.

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