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The FBI searches the office and home of attorney Rudolf Giuliani

The FBI searches the office and home of attorney Rudolf Giuliani

FBI inspectors carried out search warrants Wednesday at the office and home of Rudolph Giuliani, attorney for former President Donald Trump.

According to a source from the security forces, citing the Associated Press (AP), the former New York mayor has been under investigation for several years due to the business he was involved in in Ukraine.

There are still no details about the concrete content of the investigation, but the search warrants appear at the same time that the US Department of Justice confirmed that the investigation is still underway with the ally and attorney of the former head of state of the United States. American Republican Donald Trump.

FBI inspectors searched the Park Avenue office and the Madison Street home looking for “Rudy” Giuliani and Confiscated computersHe confirmed to the Associated Press a source familiar with the investigation.

Sources contacted by the AP only agreed to share details about the investigation on condition of anonymity. The news was brought by the American “New York Times”.

Giuliani was a central figure in the former president’s attempt to find ways to discredit the then-political opponent in the White House race, Democrat Joe Biden – who won the presidential election on November 3 and is currently the president of the United States – by sparking controversy. Ali Hunter Biden, one of the Democrat’s sons, is currently accused of tax fraud by the Justice Department.

The New York Times stated that the investigation is based on an alleged violation of pressure legislation by the former New York mayor.

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The AP contacted “Rudy’s” Giuliani’s lawyer, but received no response. Giuliani had already said that the investigations he was facing were “purely political persecution”.

The New York Attorney General’s office in Manhattan (New York), as well as the FBI, declined to comment on the searches.