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UK GDP grows 2.3% in April as economy reopens  Finance

UK GDP grows 2.3% in April as economy reopens Finance

Gross Domestic Product (START) Do UK It grew by 2.3% in April compared to March, the fastest monthly growth since July last year.

As the vaccination process in the country is accelerated, this service is being operated by the service sector amidst the reduction of social distance activities.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS), consumers went shopping at non-essential service stores, and spending in pubs, cafes and restaurants increased.

This flow was offset by a decline in industrial production, which fell 0.3% in April compared to March, due to declining production and the suspension of North Sea oil fields for maintenance.

Despite increased activity, the UK economy is still 3.7% lower than its pre-epidemic peak.

Construction fell in April from strong growth in the previous month, but the sector is still above its pre-epidemic peak.

The numbers are “a sure sign that the economy is recovering,” said Rishi Sunak, the UK’s finance minister.

According to separate data from the ONS, the UK gross goods deficit fell to 9 10.7 billion in April from 11.7 billion in March, against expectations of rising to .2 12.2 billion.

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