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"Jessica, we're in the air!"  The live slip that left everyone silent

“Jessica, we’re in the air!” The live slip that left everyone silent

nIn the world of work, it is normal for colleagues to disagree with and even discuss certain ideas. Fortunately, not everyone works in broadcast television that thousands of people watch live. Otherwise, moments like the following would spread out more regularly.

In this case, the two protagonists are Namibian TV presenters, Elmari Kabonda and Jessica Kaemo.

The first was presenting the news segment when she relayed the broadcast to her sports partner, ready to ask her a question about the topic. Jessica didn’t like the way her classmate did and she explained the right way to do it.

“No, you wouldn’t do it like that. You’ll say hi and say, ‘From here on out,'” Jessica says.

The problem was that the broadcast was already on the air and when the two of them realized it, their silences and expressions showed the annoyance of the situation.

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