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UK and European camp supermarkets threaten to boycott Brazilian imports

UK and European camp supermarkets threaten to boycott Brazilian imports

Dozens of companies in the UK and community have threatened to stop importing goods from Brazil if the Bolsanaro government advances with a change in the law that allows a portion of the illegally deforested public area to be sent to responsible companies.

Supermarket chains include signature companies Sainsbury’s, Aldi & Co-op, Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Aldi Open letter addressed to Brazilian Congressmen, Are asked to refuse to approve the proposed amendment to the law in the Senate.

In the aforementioned speech, UK companies refer to the Amazon as “a vital component of the terrestrial system essential to the protection of our planet and a hub for the prosperous future of Brazilians and society as a whole.” .

Since the presidency of Jair Bolzano in Brazil, deforestation on the Amazon has been the highest since 2008.

Last year, similar measures were put in place to make property rules more flexible in Brazil, but external pressure prevented progress in Congress.

The plan reads on the Brazilian Senate’s website, “Establishing May 25, 2012 as the occupation deadline when the Forest Code is amended, for territorial regulation, either through the sale or concession of the actual use of occupation areas within the Union domain”.

The law “expands the area under regulation to 2,500 hectares; There is no need to inspect the area to be regulated in advance and it can be changed by notifying the occupier ”.

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