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The woman has been missing in Utah for five months.  Found alive in a valley in a valley - news

The woman has been missing in Utah for five months. Found alive in a valley in a valley – news

A woman from Utah, USA, who vanished in November, was discovered alive in a camping tent in a valley. She allegedly survived by eating grass, algae and water from a nearby river for more than five months, she says. Watchman.

The 47-year-old woman, who has not been identified by authorities, was first reported missing after U.S. Forest Service officials preparing for the seasonal closure of the Straits found their abandoned car in a parking lot on March 25. Nov.

Search and rescue teams searched the area in the following weeks, but were unable to locate it. Last Sunday, a team of authorities returned, along with volunteers, to look for evidence of the woman – and they succeeded.

After a drone crashed, an aerial search team found the tent from which the missing woman had left shortly after.

“We believe it has consciously chosen to remain in the area over the months, since November 2020,” the local mayor’s office said in a statement. “She had a small amount of food with her and told the officers that she ate grass and moss to survive. She also got an ample water supply in a nearby river,” he explained.

The woman had no physical injuries, as well as being weak and thin. “Regardless of the fact that she managed to survive, it was a difficult life during those months when she was there and we are happy that we were able to connect,” Al-Sharif told local KSL-TV.

Once the woman was removed from the site, she was taken to the hospital for an evaluation of her health. An investigation into the disappearance revealed that he may have been suffering from psychological problems, according to the issued statement.

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