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The Virtual Tour fulfills business forecast of nearly US $ 3 million for the coming months - A Tribuna Regional

The Virtual Tour fulfills business forecast of nearly US $ 3 million for the coming months – A Tribuna Regional

In order to bring together international buyers and investors of the micro, small and medium-sized digital services companies in the IT fields, this year’s Business Connection Brazil: Digital Services event was held on a virtual platform. Within five days, the event recorded a feasibility of $ 2.78 million for the next 12 months and $ 337,000 in closed deals during the meetings. The initiative was attended by foreign buyers and investors, mostly from Latin America, including startups in agribusiness, health and education, as well as toys and services for research, development and product adaptation.

This action was undertaken by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), through, together with Sebrae and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), within the scope of the National Plan for the Export of Culture (PNCE)), with the support of Trade facilitation program in Brazil, with support from the UK government and implemented by Palladium. The online event brought together 156 Brazilian suppliers and 47 buyers from 24 countries.

According to Sebrae’s Technical Director, Bruno Quick, the project has provided opportunities for companies that still do not have a specific market, aiding in the training and entry process. “Sebray and all the partners offered all of this together for them, regardless of the deals that were made. Our initiative and all of our efforts are focused on inclusiveness,” he notes.

According to Kwik, the participation of micro and small companies in the event was significant. Additionally, we noted that more than 48.7% of the participating companies had no export experience. Despite the restrictions imposed on the movement of companies, we, as institutions, under the auspices of the Islamic Development Bank of Brazil, are able to achieve results and revenues in a digital way, ”he adds.

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Deborah Rossoni, Director of Competitiveness and Education at Apex-Brasil, highlighted that the roundtable meetings with the Islamic Development Bank and Sebrae are promoting themselves as great opportunities for the internationalization of companies in the respective sectors. “Our partnership reinforces Apex-Brasil’s commitment to support the internationalization and export of Brazilian companies,” says Deborah.

The Director of Integration and Trade at the Islamic Development Bank, Fabrizio Operti, notes that the Business Connection Brazil series of events has become a benchmark for cooperation between many organizations to include Brazilian small businesses in the world’s most demanding global value chains. “There is great interest in Brazilian products, not only for their quality, but also for their diversity. We hope to continue expanding this bridge.

The Business Connection Brazil business roundtables were held through virtual business meetings between suppliers from Brazil and international buyers, mainly from Latin America, between 15 and 19 March with free registration. To learn more about events and opportunities like these, register with, where the business platform of the Islamic Development Bank provides free access to virtual events, training, funding, and a directory of more than 500,000 business people and women from around the world.