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(Foto: AFP)

One in four new dog owners in the UK is thinking about abandoning the animal

Photo: AFP

One in four new dog owners in the UK is considering abandoning the animal, according to a study released Friday.

The PFMA Dog Food Manufacturers Association estimates that there are 12 million households in the UK today compared to the previous 9 million for the new corona virus. Many people decided to buy an animal because they spent too much time at home due to successive nutrients. The responsibilities that come with raising a pet seem to have dampened the initial enthusiasm of new owners.

One in four of them thinks about controlling their dogs because of the difficulty in controlling them, citing research conducted by the Atomic Research Office between the last days 6 and 9, which 2002 owners of adult dogs asked. United Kingdom.

As the country lifts restrictions, some owners are concerned about the reaction of their pets when they encounter others or animals. One-third of respondents fear their dogs will attack strangers.

Animal shelters are being set up to retrieve abandoned pets. “The number of dogs returning us is unprecedented. When the final restrictions are lifted in June, we expect the floodgates to be open and more dog owners to come and bring the animals back,” he commented. White from The Border Collie Spot Shelter Quoted in Text.

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