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The United States, the United Kingdom, Norway and a group of companies form a large global alliance to protect forests  Brazil

The United States, the United Kingdom, Norway and a group of companies form a large global alliance to protect forests Brazil

The coalition of the three governments of the United States, Norway and the United Kingdom and the big corporations launched the Leaf Alliance at the Summit of a Group of Climate Leaders, an ambitious public and private alliance to protect the world’s tropical and subtropical forests. The goal is to raise at least $ 1 billion in initial funding that has the potential to be the largest effort of its kind.

The summit, organized by President Joe Biden, was the main source of funding for the conservation of forests. An unprecedented effort will be made to pay for the decisions of countries or local governments to reduce deforestation. The same concept is based on Amazon funding.

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It represents an opportunity and a failure for Brazil. Not only countries but also local governments can apply for funding if they demonstrate their effectiveness in deforestation.

The failure is that during the operation of the Amazon Fund, Brazil will have to compete with all the other countries in the world with tropical and subtropical forests in the resources it has acquired alone. Brazil has more than $ 1 billion in resources from the Amazon Fund.

Leaf, which means leaf in English, refers to reducing emissions by accelerating forest funding. The alliance includes Amazon, Airpin, Bayer, Boston Consulting Group, GKS, McKinsey, Nestle, Salesforce and Unilever. The group of companies is growing.

“The Leaf Alliance is an innovative example of the amount and cooperation needed to combat the climate crisis and achieve zero global net emissions by 2050,” said John Kerry, the White House’s special envoy for climate. Uniqueness. “The unification of the government and the private sector is a necessary step to support the large-scale efforts that need to be mobilized to control deforestation and begin to restore tropical and subtropical forests,” he continued.

“Tropical forests are essential for combating climate change and biodiversity loss, and they have received far less attention and funding than they deserve,” said Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

According to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, “We are losing a lot of rainforest. This is having a devastating impact on the billions of people who depend on forests for their livelihoods.

In addition to the structure of the board, there are many new features. At the announcement of the leaves, deforestation reductions will be verified by an independent audit with strict standards. Projects must be submitted by July so that contracts can be closed by the end of the year.

This initiative will offset greenhouse gas emissions that can be reduced by reducing deforestation, deforestation or reforestation.

“It will help countries with tropical forests to protect and preserve forests and establish a path towards sustainable economic development that supports local communities and their livelihoods,” the statement said.

Ending deforestation by 2030 is an important part of the world to achieve global goals of controlling global warming to 1.5 ° C in this century. The purpose of the leaves is to increase interest in conserving the world’s tropical forests.

Companies participating in this initiative have already set themselves goals for cutting greenhouse gases. Contributions under the Leaf Alliance are additional and do not change your internal obligations.

The U.S. company Emergent will create a platform to facilitate transactions and fund forest conservation projects.

The initiative will be discussed at a specific event on the second day of the climate summit tomorrow.