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The United Kingdom has violated human rights by massively disrupting communications

The United Kingdom has violated human rights by massively disrupting communications

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that the United Kingdom had violated basic human rights, and that by massively disrupting communications, ‘Euronews’ was making progress.

The revelations of Edward Snowden, a former National Security Agency employee, showed that the British secret service, GCHQ, had access to a wide range of communications from around the world.

The British government defended itself and argued that mass intervention was important for national security because it helped identify potential threats. London has revealed that more data needs to be collected to detect these threats.

However, in a case known as the “Big Brother Watch” in a Strasbourg court, the UK was not found to have violated the right to respect communications from private and family life and the right to freedom of expression by interfering in pasta. .

According to today’s ruling by the court, the rule of obtaining communication data from service providers is also a violation of human rights.

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